Increase in Demand for Automobile Efficiency Drives Adoption in Motor Control IC Market

Motor control ICs are components that control the performance of electric motors according to preset standards. These components include manual or automatic means of ignition for the electric motor and help in the performance of a number of functions such as controlling the direction and speed of motor rotation, maintaining optimal levels of torque, safeguarding sensitive components from overload and more.

Motor control ICs can be broadly divided into 32 bit embedded power ICs, digital motor controllers and intelligent motor control ICs. These components find widespread application in manufacturing and automotive equipment, as intelligent controllers for industrial use, with control circuitry in the form of input signals in digital or analogue formats.

Automation and the increasing use of artificial intelligence in various industries are expected to have a major impact on the growth of the motor control IC market. Other factors that are anticipated to influence the prospects of the motor control IC market can include:

  1. The growing consumer preference for smart devices, particularly in the developing countries is propelling the market for motor control IC in the near future. Market players are focusing on strategy for product innovation, quality, and increased revenue, by development to boost consumer experience through upgrades.
  2. Constant research and development activity in the field along with rising usage of motor control ICs in the automotive industry are anticipated to boost demand in regional markets such as North America and Europe. This trend is also supported by the widespread presence of numerous market players in the region.
  3. While motor control IC finds application in a number of end use sectors such as building control, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial automation, the use of motor control IC in automotive is expected to hold control over major market share. However, the segments of consumer electronics and robotics are expected to display a strong rate of growth in the near future.

In terms of direct current motors, motor control ICs will be used at a higher rate for brushless motors as compared to brushed and stepper motors, creating a stable growth opportunity for manufacturers in the field.

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