Rising Government Investments in Infrastructure Development Drive up Applications of Polymer Soil Stabilizing Agents: FMI Study

Polymer soil stabilizing agents primarily find application in the building and construction industry as additives for natural soil to boost chemical and physical properties, with the aim of improving performance, tensile strength, and capacity for load bearing. The rapidly growing construction industry is anticipated to continue as the primary driver behind the growth of the polymer soil stabilizing agents market for the near future.

As per a recent study conducted by Future Market Insights on the global polymer soil stabilizing agents market, sustained demand for improvements in public infrastructure such as road transport, and trade facilities are anticipated to have a significant influence on the developments of the market. As per the report, growing interest in real estate investments, and niche use in soil improvement for agricultural purposes are also anticipated to generate growth for the long run.

According to the FMI report, increasing government investments for infrastructural development around the world, for the construction of footpaths, bridges, railways, and roads are expected to aid the growth of the polymer soil stabilization materials market. This is particularly true of Asia Pacific, and European countries that will dominate the market owing to high activity in enhancing transport networks, and infrastructural projects such as airports and railways.

“Conventional soil stabilization methods included physical methods such as the use of compactors, rollers, and paver machinery to increase the strength of the soil. Among additives, minerals and stabilizing agents are anticipated to hold a major share of the market. On the other hand, polymer soil stabilizing agents are expected to witness the highest rate of growth for the foreseeable future. These products also find application in stabilizing sports fields and areas such as landfills, which require high performance bases for their optimal usage.” Senior Market Analyst, FMI.

Polymeric Sand Finds Concentrated Application in Construction Projects; Government Initiatives Favor Residential Construction Boosts Market Growth

Residential building and construction is projected to be the primary and lucrative end use industry for polymeric sand manufacturers. Numerous new construction and refurbishment projects is resulting in a significant increase in the use of polymeric sand.

Strong impetus towards the development of public infrastructure in developing countries such as the ones in Eastern Asia such as China, and Eastern Europe are anticipated to generate lucrative opportunities for polymeric sand producers. Moreover, Western Europe and North America are anticipated to hold control over a major share of the market, in the terms of production and consumption owing to the presence of numerous major competitors in the region.

While brick and mortar retail outlets are the primary sales channel for polymeric sand at present, as a result of the increasing prevalence of the Internet, polymeric sand is increasingly being sold on online platforms.

The polymeric sand market is largely consolidated in nature with few major players controlling majority of the global production and supply. Material improvements such as weather resistance, anti-dust properties, and flexibility are key developments that companies are emphasizing on to keep up with the competition.

This study by FMI provides a wide range of actionable insights on the various businesses operating in the global polymeric sand market, in addition to a comprehensive analysis of the major opportunities for growth in the market.

Download Sample Copy of Report @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-6178

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