Demand for Organic Ingredients Underpinning Plant-based Food Flavour Enhancer Growth

There is a rising trend of organic and natural products in the market today, which is reinforcing the demand for a plant-based food flavour enhancer. Moreover, with more and more consumers adopting the vegan lifestyle, the plant-based food products and ingredients are expected to gain successful grounds in the foreseeable future. In light of this trend, the plant-based food flavour enhancer is likely to become a conventional choice over time. Along with these said factors, the increasing emphasis given to healthier foods, the vegan and all-natural diets preferred by consumers and the popularity gained by casual vegetarianism and the flexitarian diets which are plant-based diets that claim to reduce carbon footprint and boost health are further acting as a catalyst to the increasing demand for a plant-based food flavour enhancer.

Beverage Industry to Relish the New Plant-based Food Flavour Enhancer Offerings

With the increasing demand for plant-based food flavour enhancer, there are new products introduced in the market, which provide taste and flavour enhancement with the help of plant-based organic ingredients. The plant-based food flavour enhancer is gaining major popularity for amplifying the taste of drinks such as coffee. A plant-based coffee enhancer is one such plant-based food flavour enhancer that is on a rise currently, gaining major significance among the vegans, coffee enthusiasts, and vegetarians that are looking for improving the flavour of their coffee. Moreover, the demand for non-dairy coffee enhancers has further contributed to the demand for a plant-based food flavour enhancer. In light of this, the brand, Coffee-mate has launched a new line of all-real dairy and plant-based coffee enhancers—Coffee-mate Bliss.

Low Sugar Plant-based Food Flavour Enhancer to Capture Attention

Along with organic food ingredients, there is an increasing demand for sugar-free or low sugar alternatives. The ongoing trend of consuming food products that consist of less or no sugar are contributing to the increasing demand for the low sugar plant-based food flavour enhancer. This increasing demand has triggered new innovations in the plant-based food flavour enhancer landscape.

For instance, the MycoTechnology, US-supplier uses the fermented filament-like roots to create functional food ingredients. The bitter-blocking ingredient—ClearTaste acts as a flavour enhancer to improve the taste of products. The fermented mushroom extracts can reduce the sugar in drinks and food, which makes it an ideal plant-based food flavour enhancer.

The increasing adoption of plant-based food ingredients and products are expected to boost notable profitability for the companies operating in the market for food flavour enhancer.

Manufacturers Introduce Plant-based Alternatives to Food Flavour Enhancer

The increasing demand for a plant-based food flavour enhancer is influencing manufacturers to introduce effective plant-based alternative to the profitable market. Kemin Industries, for instance, introduced a consumer-friendly plant-based food flavour enhancer—NaturFORT RSGT. This new product is designed as an alternative to EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, which is a flavouring agent. This plant-based food flavour enhancer offers all the functional benefits of EDTA which include color retention, heat stability, and flavour enhancement.

Key Strategic Implementations Witnessed in the Food Flavour Enhancer Landscape

The immense opportunities held by the market for food flavour enhancer are translating into effective strategies that further boost their businesses of the prominent players. A recent acquisition was focused on this aim, wherein a supplier of citrus oils and ingredients, Florida Chemical Company (FCC) was acquired by Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), a food processing company. FCC is a company providing essential oils, food flavour enhancer, along with customized flavour blends. With this acquisition, ADM would be successful in attaining a leadership position for citrus flavours with the expertise of FCC in citrus flavours.

The food flavour enhancer market is expected to grow significantly with the ever-increasing preference for plant-based food flavour enhancer. The companies operating in the food flavour enhancer landscape are leveraging the opportunities offered by the market. 

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