Demand for Machine Tools to Increase as the Manufacturing Sector Gains Momentum, FMI Reveals

The machine tools market is expected to gain major traction owing to the increasing demand for machine tools in the industrial sector. The automation in the industrial landscape is expected to a major factor driving the growth of the machine tools market. Furthermore, the continually increasing globalization has resulted in major enhancements in the manufacturing processes in terms of efficiency and product quality. This has resulted in the implementation of automated technologies in machine tools that are utilized in the manufacturing processes. The research study presented by Future Market Insights (FMI) entails more such insights pertaining to the machine tools market.

According to the FMI study, the key machine tools manufacturers are reaping the benefits of the demand escalations and relishing high sales of machine tools on the backdrop of high adoption in various application sectors. For instance, Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd, a leading machine tool manufacturer, recently stated its sales performance in 2018, wherein the company stated 2018 to be the finest year with respect to the machine tools sales on account of the revival of the oil and gas market and other such factors with major sales of machines from its multi-tasking machine tools.

Machine tools such as carbide tools are gaining immense popularity amongst end users. The manufacturers of carbide tools are focusing on innovations and strategic developments to expand their market presence.

Carbide Tools Sales to Witness Growth as Manufacturers Undertake Key Strategies to Reinforce Market Presence

The overwhelming growth in industrialization, the rapidly expanding automotive sector, and the increasing fabrication applications are becoming crucial factors contributing to the uplifting demand growth of carbide tools. Owing to these factors, the global carbide tools market is anticipated to grow along a significant growth trajectory at a high growth rate of nearly 7 percent along the forecast period. According to the FMI study, the carbide tools find their application in the production of automotive components and engines for precise cutting, drilling, and milling needs, which is expected to spur the product sales.

FMI reveals that the manufacturers of carbide tools are undertaking noteworthy strategies to expand their market presence and gain a competitive advantage over other players. New product development strategy remains a crucial milestone in the process of expanding presence in the carbide tools landscape. For instance, North American Tool Corporation developed standard solid carbide thread mills which feature a helical flute design. This product is designed to improve the threat quality in various materials and further increase their life.

Apart from the new product development strategy, acquisition strategy also plays a significant role in the overall growth of the market of carbide tools. OrthoGrind and American Tool Service (ATS), for instance, were acquired by a manufacturer of industrial components, precision cutting tools, and medical instruments, Arch Global Precision.

The FMI study reveals the significant opportunities in lathe machines and automatic machines.

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