Polymeric Sand: Product Innovations and Infrastructure Development to Drive Demand

Rising demand in the global construction and building industry for highly durable structures, innovative materials such as polymeric sand is witnessing a rapid rate of growth. Made from purified sand of crystalline silica and quartz along with special additive polymers, this material is widely used for the construction of walkways and stone pavers.

Modern material innovations in physical properties such as increased durability and reduced time for setting in applications such as the constructions of parking spaces, patios, footpaths and more are anticipated to generate increased demand for the polymeric sand market in the near future.

Resistance to Erosion and Weeds Drives the Use of Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand combines the specialized water-stable polymers that are combined with aggregates that generate durable and resistive materials for paving purposes, when combined with water. Polymeric sand displays strong resistance to biological growth, keeping away the threat of insects, micro-organisms, and plant life, reducing erosion to wind and water, and varying temperatures. These factors are expected to generate a strong demand for polymeric sand in the construction industry for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, the production of polymeric sand requires high amounts of technological and monetary investments, which results in the product having a relatively higher cost in comparison to conventional sources of sand. In addition, the correct application of polymeric sand requires a work force with added technical skill. These factors are anticipated to create notable restrictions on the growth of polymeric sand manufacturers in times ahead.

In addition, the recent introduction of organic binders has also witnessed strong growth owing to its eco-friendly nature. On the other hand, the inorganic binders are very popular owing to relatively longer durability, which are anticipated to gain higher demand in the long term.

Tech Innovations Improve on Physical Characteristics

Polymeric sand manufacturers are increasingly focusing on building their portfolios with upgrades to their products, through higher emphasis on research and development efforts, which is anticipated to continue for the foreseeable future, with the intensive competition in the field.

For example, US based Fairmount Santrol commercialized its innovation in polymeric sand, aimed towards the elimination of dust. The product named Accel polymeric sand uses a patented technology that claims to reduce dust and haze at the application site by up to 90% in comparison to conventional sand sources, which also allows worker safety standards at building sites to be achieved much more easily. The product improves working conditions and value addition to the building project.

SRW Products has also revealed its polymeric sand formulation that is free from Portland mortar materials that improved binding of polymers, and has the ability to become resistant to rain in 10 minutes, all of which is also aimed towards the minimization of dust and haze, and a long lasting paving operation.

Techniseal is also promoting additional supporting products such as resin based concrete adhesives to improve on the performance of humidity, abrasion, and dust resistant polymeric sand. In addition, the company is also offering a limited 20 year warranty, a factor that is expected to drive up popularity in the product for the near future.

Increased Interest from Landscaping Businesses Widen Scope of Use

Apart from the construction industry, polymerization sand is also finding interest from the field of landscaping, where finishing work for paver sealers and polymeric sand are thought to be a lucrative method of growth in the field, with reduced cost of marketing, and limited investment in labor.

This trend is witnessing a strong rise particularly in Europe, followed by North America, where a growing number of home owners are opting for polymeric sand paving owing to the aesthetic appearance and high durability of the material.

In addition, the market is also expected to witness demand owing to services related to protective sealing and refurbishment of old paving and hardscape sites, new customizations, and maintenance of hardscape surfaces.

The fact that the polymeric sand market is witnessing rapid growth, is creating lucrative growth opportunities, for leverage of a number of end use industries.

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