Natural Ingredients will Refurbish Decorations and Inclusions Market to Surpass the US$ 14 Billion Mark, Unveils FMI

Consistent demand for personalized and custom bakery and confectionery products, coupled with fluctuating raw material supply, is anticipated to be the major push-pull factor impacting the global decorations and inclusions market over the forecast period, resulting in a steady growth rate of 5.9% in terms of revenue between 2018 and 2028. In a recently launched market intelligence report, Future Market Insights estimates that, revenue generated from the global decorations and inclusions market could surpass US$ 14.2 Bn in 2028.

Utilization of Natural Ingredients Expected to Remain Centerpiece

Despite a plethora of decorations and inclusions containing artificial and synthetic colourants and flavouring compounds, the growing attitude towards natural ingredients is likely to remain a major aspect among consumers. Manufacturers of decorations and inclusions are beefing up their arsenal of products containing all-natural ingredients, shying away from using synthetic colouring agents, and highlighting the transparency of ingredients used in their products. Decorations and inclusions consisting baked pieces are preferentially produced from gluten-free flour to target consumers who are inclined to adhere to specific diets. This has incentivized food processors to incorporate decorations and inclusions produced from natural ingredients to enhance the positioning of their products on retail shelves.

Emergence of Specialty Foodservice Featuring Innovative Desserts

In recent times, there has been an increased demand for high-quality decorations and inclusions from sectors such as bakeries, chocolatiers, and dessert shops. In countries within the Middle East, where tourism is booming, there has been an exponential rise in the number of hotels, restaurants, and cafés that offer premium chocolate and confectionery products containing custom-made decorations and inclusions. “The region is home to international bakery and confectionery chains, as well as 4- and 5-star hotel chains that feature premium and decorated food. Unique decorations and inclusions are one of the key aspects that differentiate premium baked goods, thereby attracting and impressing the audiences at these cafés and chains”, states a senior market research analyst at FMI.

Eastern Europe to Assume the Mantle for Setting Market Pace

Despite the presence of an abundance of bakery and pastry shops in North America and Western Europe, the decorations and inclusions market is anticipated to grow at a rapid pace in Eastern Europe, where the emergence of a rapidly growing food processing sector, coupled with proximity to high-quality raw materials is expected to remain key demand driving factors for the decorations and inclusions market, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% in revenue terms over the forecast period. Latin America is also expected to remain a lucrative market for producers of decorations and inclusions, with over US$ 540 Mn in incremental revenue opportunity between 2018 and 2028.

Key Players Carving a Niche by Offering Unique Shapes and Custom Decorations and Inclusions

The decorations and inclusions market is highly fragmented, owing to low entry barriers, ease of access to raw materials, well-established consumer base, and growing demand for custom-made decorations and inclusions. Local and artisanal bakers and upscale foodservice establishments tend to prefer decorations and inclusions from local manufacturers, which also benefits small and medium businesses. Likewise, bulk suppliers of decorations and inclusions target industrial food processors, leveraging their enhanced distribution networks and taking advantage of economies of scale. Product differentiation is key to remain competitive. Thus, manufacturers tend to incorporate unique ingredients and flavours, producing decorations and inclusions in different shapes and forms, as well as utilize innovative technology to develop products that have better stability in a variety of different end products. Prominent companies in the decorations and inclusions market such as Barry Callebaut, Dobla Chocolate, ICAM S.p.A., PCB Création, and Ulmer Schokoladen GmbH & Co. KG, among others, continue to take advantage of their market positioning across the value chain, in addition to leveraging their key customers by offering high-quality decorations and inclusions for various sectors.

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