Huawei to Launch First Foldable 5G Smartphone Despite the Security Concerns about its 5G Technology

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei has unveiled its plans to launch a 5G smartphone based on its own technology in a bid to challenge the hegemony of American companies who are denying the access of key technology components to Huawei. The company is facing heat from American and European authorities for allying with the Chinese government for conducting espionage activities by using its 5G technology.

The move comes just weeks after US Congress announced plans to introduce a bill to bar all American tech corporations from selling their technology to Huawei and ZTE. The company has been making rapid strides in the development of smartphone chips which is heavily dominated by US and South Korean companies. The chip development projects are intended to achieve self-reliance saving the company multi-billion dollar components bill while also insulating itself from the volatile US-China relations.

The planned phone will be based on the Huawei’s own Balong 5000 model and Kirin 980 Chipset. The company claims that the performance of Kirin 980 chipset is on par with widely used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset. CEO of Huawei’s Consumer unit, Richard Yu said that the phone is the first fifth generation foldable smartphone and the company plans to unleash it on the world at the smartphone industry’s biggest event Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Yu told reporters that the boycott by Western countries over the alleged security risks has not affected the company’s sales as the sales of smartphones and other products rose by over 50% in 2018 from 2017. Total consumer units sold amounted to $52 billion. He added that the complicated political attitude in the US and Europe about the company has not affected its business and that they still maintain a high growth trajectory.

The Chinese government has accused United States of trying to smother its technology ambitions. USA has raised tariffs on imports from China’s goods as well as accused china of stealing American technology and intellectual property violations. Hua Chunying, a spokesperson for Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement to the reporters that the real intent of United States behind the rampant accusations is to maintain status quo and hegemony in the tech sector by suppressing competition from China’s high-tech companies.

The company is also working towards improving its public image which has suffered recently by the security concerns over its 5G technology. The company has been in the headlines for all wrong reasons after its CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested on charges that she misled American banks about trade with Iran. Mr. Yu said that despite the political noise, Huawei still serves 45 of 50 phone companies in the world and signed contracts with 30 carriers for testing 5G Technology.

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