Dropbox Adds Time-Based Commenting Feature for Collaborative Video Projects

Dropbox, the popular cloud storage platform has added another feature to its collaborative project tools. The new feature allows time-based commenting on specific sections of an audio or video. The new support enables the user to leave comments at specific times on both audio and video files. Dropbox users who have access to the file can view the previous comments as well as leave their own.

Cloud storage simplified the sharing of multimedia files which often take tremendous amount of space. Instead of emailing the video and audio files to number of people individually, cloud storage platform Dropbox lets users upload the file to the cloud storage and allows selective access of the file to people, which saves time and allows collaboration. However it isn’t very ideal for collaborating and reviewing a certain project as users have to annotate documents with comments referring to a particular section. For example, “You need to cut out the section from 00:25 to 00:30 — it’s pointless.”

The new feature called time-based commenting enables the user to comment on a particular point on the audio or video file’s timeline. The feature also allows to @mention other users to draw their attention to a point where their input is needed. Additionally, enhanced playback support is added which lets users adjust the speed of scrub, thumbnail and video through 1080p video previews and audio previews via waveforms.

Although the functionality isn’t new in the field as Vimeo offers the same ability called time-coded feedback feature, Dropbox’s feature isn’t catered for a specific platform’s users rather for those working on raw files. Dropbox claimed that two thirds of all the films showcased at the Sundance Festival next week were made by using Dropbox. The feature supports more than 30 video and audio formats including mp3 and mp4.

The new feature allows any Dropbox user to add comments, only videos which are shared by premium account holders will support the new feature such as Dropbox Enterprise and Dropbox Professional. The feature s=is only supported on the web platform Dropbox.com and iOS app while plans to launch it on android app is also underway.

Dropbox is building more and more utility tools and increasing integration with third party services such as Google Cloud Identity, Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Adobe, Autodesk, Docusign and many others in order to keep its users on board.

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