Foaming Creamer Market to Gain Traction as Appearance and Taste Appeal to Most Coffee Connoisseurs

The coffee market has seen a substantial rise in the past few years. This has resulted in coffee additives such as foaming creamers being high in demand. According to a new study by Future Market Insights, industry demand for foaming creamers is anticipated to experience a meteoric rise, due to the enhanced appearance and taste that foaming creamers give to beverages.

Foaming creamers are commercially being used for the preparation of instant beverage mixes, such as coffee-based mixes, milk tea mixes, and cocoa-based mixes. Recently, the use of foaming creamers is being observed in dietary supplements such as the protein shake powders that can form a foam at the top when added to a liquid. The foaming creamer market is expected to account for a robust CAGR of 3.7% between 2018 and 2028. Foaming creamers are available in two different bases – dairy and non-dairy foaming creamers.

Millennial Population Preferring Foam Coffee, Thus Increasing the Demand for Foaming Creamers

Millennials prefer only particular types of products with specifications because of their tastes. This has led to the trend of gourmet coffee among millennials in coffee shops as well as at home. The easy and affordable availability of these beverages is also essential, which can be made possible due to the introduction of instant drink mixes with foaming creamers. Foaming creamers offer the convenience of an instant solution without the inconvenience of cleaning a machine. Also, digitalization has led to the millennial population posting everything on social media, and also being aware of all the trends around. This has led to the demand for a visually attractive beverage or food item on their table, which is made possible by the use of foaming creamers in drink mixes.

Technological Advances in Beverage Processing Equipment Have Changed the Dynamics of the Foaming Creamer Market

There have been many advancements in recent years in food and beverage processing equipment, which has changed the dynamics of the industry in terms of technology and trends, which has also favourably impacted the market for foaming creamers. Not until recently, foaming creamer was a concept that could only be imagined, but due to spray drying and hydrogenation techniques, the possibility of creating a foaming creamer just by incorporating it into a liquid was made possible. Also, the production costs for foaming creamers has reduced considerably in recent years due to various advancements, thus offering the manufacturers of foaming creamers excellent returns on investment in cutting edge production technology.

Café-style Foamed Coffee – a Popular Hit for Coffee at Home

Consumers are now familiar with coffee specialties at coffee bars, and they want these treats at home too. They demand high-quality cappuccinos and chocolate drinks, a premium foam layer, and great taste, both, at the coffee bar and at home, which can be made possible by foaming creamers. According to the U.S. National Coffee Association report, 59% of people in the U.S. consume gourmet coffee every day. The consumer preference for creating barista-style gourmet coffee at home in a hassle-free manner has led to the use of drink mixes incorporating foaming creamers, which does not require any special storage.

Low Production Costs a Benefit for Beverage-Mix Producing Companies

A beverage mix for the instant preparation of a drink is a very popular concept that consumers have readily accepted. There are many companies that manufacture these beverage mixes by incorporating foaming creamer powders. For companies to manufacture foaming creamer that is required for these mixes is a very difficult and expensive process, which can be avoided by using foaming creamer ingredients supplied by other manufacturers. This is likely to reduce the production cost, and there will be no requirement for additional equipment.

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