Ship Repair and Maintenance Services: Canadian Navy Makes Substantial Investments

Ship repair and maintenance services industry tracks wider shipping upswing as manufacturers continue to squeeze every penny in R&D for attaining specialized services, benefitting in operational costs. Technological advancements enable in adopting new digital tools for reducing overall ship repair and maintenance services cost. Vendors of ship repair and maintenance services are increasingly focusing on adopting state-of-the-art equipment, in order to enhance their work culture, in a bid to cater to the demands of customers by offering them with customized and creative marine solutions. For maintaining long-term relationships with customers, vendors are also working towards developing professional, efficient and cost-effective ship repair and maintenance services along with desired quality.

Advanced Technology Driving Ship Repair and Maintenance Services

A leading ship repair and maintenance services company, recently developed an all-new remote emission monitor, a storage and data reporting device benefitting the scrubbers. The new technology meant for ship repair and maintenance services offers wide-ranging data-driven initiatives including sending performance and diagnostic data to cloud, in order to cater to the issues related to condition-based repair and maintenance services of ship. This in turn enables the technicians involved in ship repair and maintenance services to identify the root causes of defects in the vessel with right information and parts for solving the issue.

Canadian Navy Makes Heavy Investment in Repair and Maintenance Services

Canadian Navy is heading for a 30-year ship repair and maintenance services plan, in a bid to solve vessel maintenance backlogs and delays that would benefit for both future as well as existing ships. Such an initiative is taken by the Navy for maintaining balance between private and public shipyards, thereby minimizing costs as well as inefficient delays. The 30-year ship repair and maintenance plan will address the scheduling issues, further enhancing transport power of ships. Navy is planning to invest billions in workers and capital assets at the public shipyards over next 20years time-span.

A federal government is planning to award contracts worth nearly 7Billion dollar to three shipyards for repair and maintenance services on the Royal Canadian Navy frigates. This contract is mainly aimed at maintaining 12 Halifax-class frigates of Canada, in order to cater to their economical and effective works, especially in times of long sails. The work on frigates is highly important as navy awaits delivery of the replacement ships – Canadian Surface Combatant.

Strategic Deal to Revive Ship Repair and Maintenance Services in India

Two of India’s largest ship repair and maintenance services firm have entered into a strategic deal for reviving ship repair service facilities. The reviving facility is likely to offer required waterfront, land, dry dock as well as repair part of related infrastructure, thereby operationalizing and repairing idling machines required for repair and maintenance of ships. The two ship repair and maintenance services firm are also planning to install advanced machinery pieces in ships.

Leading companies in ship repair and maintenance services market are embarking on ground-breaking and large projects related to drydockings as well as ship repair and maintenance services, in a bid to support renewable, gas and oil projects across the globe. These projects are inclusive of working on the seismic survey ships, pipelaying vessel, semi-submersible crane and dredger. Repair and maintenance services of two seismic survey ships were done, in order to enhance its oil and gas exploration processes.

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