Macadamia: The New ‘Super Ingredient’ in Cookies and Cosmetics

Macadamia industry is young and is likely to develop at a significant rate in the next ten years. Macadamia is considered as a ‘superfood’, highly beneficial for human health as well as investment portfolios. Heavy investments by farmers in macadamia is likely to result in nearly 300% surge in global supply by next decade.

Vegan Macadamia Cookies Hits Bakery Cabinet

Starbucks recently introduced vegan macadamia cookies in bakery sector across North America. The all-new cookies are highly beneficial for individuals suffering from allergies and the ones in need of dietary products. This initiative is an effort to enhance the company’s vegan offerings, thereby catering to the growing demand from customer-base for innovative and healthy options.

Australian Beauty Brand Launches New Macadamia Oil Rich Product

Macadamia market is expected to be significantly driven by surging demand from cosmetics industry. Macadamia helps in manufacturing organic and natural cosmetic products and moreover, increasingly benefits body, skin and hair. High content of palmitoleic and oleic acid in macadamia is lucrative for formulating thick body lotions and sun care creams as well as anti-aging creams. Several companies are focusing on developing natural and high-performing formulas, catering to the emerging needs of consumers.

For example, an Australian beauty brand, Nude by Nature lately launched a comprehensive collection of rose-gold package products in Canada that offers skin-boosting benefits along with correction and colour. The package is formulated with naturally derived ingredients including macadamia oil, vitamin C and green tea, thereby offering nourishment and protection to skin. 

World’s Largest Macadamia Processing Facility Developed in South Africa

Green Farms Nut Company (GNFC), leading South African macadamia processing factory recently developed the world’s largest macadamia facility in White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa. This development is mainly aimed at long-term view for sustainable industry, inclusive of creating marketing and value-added capabilities. The company is of the viewpoint that this notable step would enable them in catering to the need for sustainable future for both South African macadamia industry and GNFC and most of all, is expecting warranted local macadamia production.

Macadamia Nut Oil Next Healthy Oil

Long-term major shift is likely to be witnessed in the food industry for good kind of fat. In a bid to cater to growing demand for food safety with healthy options, manufacturers are planning to make heavy investments in marketing macadamia as an ingredient in the manufacturing of confectionery products such as sweets and biscuits. The high nutrient content in macadamia is expected to hold growing application in the production of cakes, chocolates, cookies, desserts and various other confectionery products.

However, lately, macadamia nut oil is gaining significant traction amongst the health conscious consumers with growing awareness regarding the heart healthy butter substitute. Many doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts are preferring macadamia nut oil over olive oil and butter as well. Macadamia nut oil is also considered healthier and stable than coconut and canola oil as well and are high in the mono-saturated fats.

Extensive Supply Chain and Climatic Change Challenging Macadamia Growth

Coffee farmers shifted their focus towards growing macadamia nuts, as it offers them with good returns. Even though many farmers have planted macadamia trees, potential towards reaping benefits from farming still remains at low level. Macadamia nuts are significantly promising high-value crop, yet, benefits do not always reach farmers due to extended supply chain with subagents and brokers intervening, each holding a margin from final price.

Extended drought periods, frost, high temperatures and unpredictable seasons are majorly affecting the production of Macadamia – key to lessen its impacts is by preparing farmers with better understanding regarding fluctuating climatic situations. Most of all, along with improvement in farmer’s knowledge, advancement in infrastructure is also vital such as availability of warehouses and dry yards at community level.

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