LED Lights Will Remain the Most Preferred Lighting Solution for Aircraft Exteriors

Safe navigation and energy-efficient lighting systems are the key tools focused by the manufacturers currently in the aircraft exterior lighting market. Technological advancements based on miniaturization of components, lightweight products, smart lighting and LED lighting systems have significantly encouraged airline operators for making heavy investments in innovative aircraft exterior lighting systems, in a bid to attain long-term benefits. Leading players are adopting strategies such as partnerships and new product developments for obtaining an upper hand in the aircraft exterior lighting market across the globe.

New-gen Whelen lights are expected to offer owners with higher safety, reliability and visibility. With growing demand for improved safety of flights, manufacturers in aircraft exterior lighting market are expected to leverage the usage of new-gen Whelen lights for emerging models.

An all-new narrow body passenger aircraft in Russia succeeded in turning out to be the first night flight after passing in several tests based on aircraft exterior lighting including landing and navigation lighting equipment.

Aircraft Exterior Lighting to Experience New Technological System Preventing Lighting-Strike

A research team recently introduced new onboard system for protecting commercial airplanes from aircraft exterior lighting strikes, which is likely to take place minimum of one time in a year. Researchers are of the viewpoint that temporarily charging an aircraft to negative level for reducing the positively charged end is likely to aid in preventing it from nearing crucial levels as well as initiating aircraft exterior lighting strike. With the advent of newer planes partially made up of non-metallic composite structures such as carbon fiber that becomes more vulnerable to aircraft exterior lighting strikes, need for such technological systems is likely to witness an increase. Apart from this, researchers are also working towards enhancing the speed of response time of the new technological system.

Evolution of Aircraft Exterior Lighting Array with Emergence of New Winglets

ATLAS ® Active Winglets equipped flights are likely to benefit the owners with upgraded anti-collision aircraft exterior lighting and LED navigation as well. To the readers notice, Active Winglets is the only aerodynamics technology available in the global market that helps in reducing time to climb as well as fuel burn. In addition, the innovative technology also enables in enhancing range and stability of the aircraft, thereby eliminating the need for any structural reinforcement, benefitting in significant cost and time savings. With the advent of all-new ATLAS ® Active Winglets, end-users can benefit with value and aesthetic retention, new LED aircraft exterior lighting and highly-improved performance.

Aircraft Exterior Lighting Manufacturers Prefer LED Lighting Over Other Lighting Products

Implementation of LED lights in aircraft exterior lighting is likely to offer lucrative sales opportunities with significant savings on maintenance costs and energy together with enhanced visibility and high-end safety, extensively augmenting their demand. LED lighting offers better durability, color quality, power consumption, weight and cost savings. Manufacturers of aircraft exterior lighting are shifting their focus towards implementing LED lighting as a form of replacing standard incandescent and halogen lighting, given its lower power consumption, better reliability as well as overall package efficiency in comparison to the legacy technologies. Although halogen lighting is still preferred for aircraft exterior lighting, LED lighting are gradually making headway as replacement.

However, challenges experienced with aircraft exterior lighting including vibration, humidity and temperature remains the same with LED as well as traditional technologies. Durability and weight savings are considered as main factors influencing manufacturer to prefer LED lighting over traditional technologies for aircraft exterior lighting. LED lighting eliminated the need for replacement through the entire life of the aircraft. The integrated and small power supply of LED lighting mainly helps in weight savings of the aircraft.

Advancements and innovations in LED technology has resulted in its expanding applications in aircraft exteriors. Earlier, owing to the regulatory requirements, LED lightings usage were excluded, however growing awareness regarding the cost-awareness over traditional aircraft exterior light fuels its usage in the aircraft fleet. With the extensive usage of LED lighting in military aircraft exterior lighting, business jets are also likely to contribute towards sales of LED lighting for aircraft exterior lighting purposes.

To gain more insights on the minor and major developments and innovations in aircraft exterior lighting market, readers can tap here and avail the needful.

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