Probiotic Non-Dairy Yogurt Products Likely to Grab a Major Chunk of Revenue Pie

Creators of non-dairy yogurt are increasingly engaging themselves in innovating and experimenting products. From new baes such as hemp or oats to the unique flavors such as maple or mango-cream, non-dairy yogurt is well positioned for strong growth. Non-dairy yogurt solves the clear demand for consumers, as those with ethical concerns and dairy allergies become more vocal. The article looks at rapidly expanding non-dairy yogurt market, including flavor and ingredient innovation with calling out of some of the major and interesting innovative and new developments. Brands such as Lavva are paying closer attention towards sugar problems in the non-dairy yogurt.

The Greek Trend

Manufacturers in non-dairy yogurt market are taking up immense efforts in developing products that hold consistency similar to the Greek yogurt. Non-dairy yogurt holds high protein and probiotics, both the nutritional trends, thereby transferring the trump cards to bag of tricks of the plant-based yogurt trend. With plant-based yogurt trend, many trendier and younger American eaters are switching ways towards ‘leaning more veganish’ from the ‘leaning more vegetarian’, thereby cutting back on the foregoing dairy. All-new non-dairy yogurt product line by Chobani consists of organic and cultured coconut puree and is naturally condensed. Growing demand for gluten-free and plant-based ingredients are catered with the development of this new product line by Chobani, manufacturer of Greek yogurt based in Chenango County.

Innovative Products from Nuts and Strong Hold of Rich Probiotics to Make Waves in Non-Dairy Yogurt Category

With increasing number of mature yogurt markets, prevails huge expansion possibilities for the non-dairy yogurt manufacturers in the area of probiotic products. Manufacturers are working on developing kid-friendly pouches that are stocked with probiotics and can cater to the surging demand for non-diary yogurt products. Kite Hill, leading manufacturer of yogurt in California is shifting its focus towards development of plant-based products that are shelf-life stable. The company is developing non-dairy yogurt tubes that can also be frozen. Apart from this, the recent development of Lavva from pili nuts is expected to largely cater to the demand of consumers looking for zero added sugar non-dairy yogurt products. With increasing number of retailers looking for new non-dairy yogurt products consisting of healthy probiotics, Lavva has hit the consumer demand both in terms of texture and taste. On a broader note, consumers are looking out for non-dairy yogurt products with cleaner label, lower sugar and hut health benefits and the former mentioned new product delivers all the three demand, thereby holding positive prospects for growing sales in non-dairy yogurt market.

Probiotic Non-Diary Yogurt Drinks to Display Real Tipping Point for Future

By keeping up with the knowledge that beverages largely spearhead non-dairy category in major regions such as U.K., China and U.S., consumption rate of drinkable non-dairy yogurt has risen at a significant pace. Companies such as Califia Farms LP, manufacturer of natural beverages in U.S. has recently launched all-new four- stock keeping unit (SKU) line of non-dairy yogurt in drinkable format with the proprietary Califia Culture Blend of the company. The non-dairy yogurt company mentioned that the new product line represents the company with an opportunity for leveraging its core expertise in non-dairy beverages for moving into better functional areas that the company terms as ‘long-term direction’. The new drinkable non-dairy yogurt products mainly hold effective amounts of probiotics along with various other functional ingredients.

Regulatory Bodies to Patent Non-Dairy Yogurt Formed from Unriped Breadfruit

IAG (International Agriculture Group) is planning to patent a non-dairy yogurt developed out of high starch fruits including unripe breadfruits and green bananas. This initiative is taken in a bid to promise improved sensory characteristics, texture and taste compared to the other commercial non-dairy yogurt available in the global market. The exclusive disclosure is mainly targeted towards foodservice, branded and retail non-dairy yogurt that is meant for direct consumption to increasing lactose intolerant and health focused customer-base.

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