Earphone and Headphone Landscape to Gain from Technological advancements

A senior analyst discusses regarding smart developments in earphone and headphone market. For example, the development of smart headphone with integration of the electroencephalography sensors, enables in tracking user’s sleep and shuts down by itself, thereby significantly impacting sales of headphones in the forthcoming years.

Increasing interoperability with tablets and smartphones as well as growing number of partnerships with the mobile device manufacturers are expected to propel the growth of earphone and headphone market. Since the recent past, technological advancements and innovations in the earphone and headphone market has led to minimization of the overall weight of the products. In addition, sophisticated features of noise cancellation in earphone and headphone is leading to rapidly increasing popularity of the products. Significant technological developments in the wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, SKAA, IR (Infrared) and Wi-Fi, are likely to continue to drive the growth and development of earphone and headphone market.

Why wireless and smart headphones will remain lucrative in earphone and headphone market?

It is anticipated that early adopters and innovators who are highly affluent, tech-savvy, young and social and keep a closer check at the new scientific inventions hold the larger customer-base contributing towards demand for technologically innovative and multi-faceted wireless earphone and headphone in the coming years. Potential users also consist of fitness aware and health conscious population along with rapidly increasing number of gym goers, contributing majorly towards the growth and development of earphone and headphone market. New brands are taking immense initiative in stepping up their position in the earphone and headphone market with launch of new products.

  • For example, Nura Company in Australia, manufacturer of headphones with the personalized sound technology recently developed Nuraphone that offers strap-hanging commuter with a startling and gig-like sound.
  • Kokoon, a digital health company utilizing intelligent audio in London lately developed smart headphone with the integration of EEG (Electroencephalography) sensors that helps in tracking the end-users sleep and turns down music as soon as the user is off to sleep.

Why would APAC capture a sizeable share in earphone and headphone market?

With growing expansion of the mobile device industries across South Korea, Japan, India and China, demand for increasing availability of earphone and headphone remains, especially in the sports industry. Demand for headphone is likely to increase from the offshoring centers in Philippines and India, which in turn augments the growth of earphone and headphone market. Growing adoption in offices and gyms further drives the APAC earphone and headphone market growth.

What is the ongoing strategy of manufacturers in earphone and headphone market?

Major manufacturers such as OnePlus are planning to remove headphone jacks from their upcoming headphone product in a bid to free up space for the new technology – OnePlus 6T. Redesigning earphone and headphone catering the emerging needs of the customers is another major strategy undertaken by the manufacturers in earphone and headphone market.

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