Beverages Manufacturers Upping their Sustainability Quotient with PET Preforms

PET is frequently utilized for packaging a wide range of products that include peanut butter, beverages, frozen foods, bakery goods, cosmetics, and others. Valued for a number of attributes including lightweight, robustness, thermo-stability, cost-effectiveness, transparency, shatter-resistance and recyclability, PET is a superior choice for the packaging sector. PET preforms, prepared by PET material are being used for producing PET products and can be molded in the desired shape. PET preforms are gaining popularity as they transform the process of PET manufacturing and offer substantial benefits including flexibility, environmental efficiency, operational efficiency, and cost.

The beverage sector is expected to create major demand for PET preforms. Manufacturers of PET preforms are witnessing majority demand growth for PET preforms owing to the continual consumption of bottled beverages in the developing as well as developed economies. Moreover, the PET preforms landscape is also expected to be highly influenced by the technological developments that are expected to facilitate better production.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint Remains Crucial Sustainability Goal

While the production of PET preforms rises, the increasing environmental issues associated with PET production, that increases the emission of carbon have triggered alarming concerns across the manufacturers. Owing to these, the PET preforms manufacturers are making efforts to reduce the overall carbon footprint. In line with these efforts, the rPlanet Earth, a green tech company launched a new plant in California for making PET preforms for their application in the beverage industry along with thermoforms for ready-to-eat foods. As rPlanet Earth focus on reducing the carbon footprint, they aim at minimizing the intermediate transportation steps that create greenhouse gas emissions. By taking the process from materials to PET preforms and thermoforms under one roof, the company is able to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Similar efforts were taken by Suntory Holdings, a leading beverage company, who introduced a new technology for the production of PET preforms for soft drink bottles. The new technology is claimed to reduce carbon emission by nearly 25 percent.

PET recycling Trending

PET has been a popular choice in the packaging sector owing to its attributes, one of which is the highly recyclable property. The PET recycling trend is gaining major significance over time. Manufacturers are utilizing completely recycled PET for the production of PET preforms as they boost environmental sustainability and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. This has given rise to increasing investments in the recycling space. Leading companies operating in the PET preforms landscape are also focusing on this trend. The globally recognized plastics manufacturer, ALPLA-Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG, in collaboration with Texplast, have bolstered PET recycling with the new extrusion facility at a Germany-based Texplast site, with an aim to increase the recycling capacity for food-safe PET regranulate. Texplast would recycle returnable goods attained from the food retail sector, transforming them into food-safe and high-quality granulate that Alpla would use to produce PET preforms for PET beverage bottles.

PET Preform Demand Grows and So does Production Capacities

Krones AG, a provider of blow molding and packaging machines acquired the injecting molding tools and services specialist, MHT Holding Ag, with an aim to reinforce its PET offerings. The acquisition enables Krones to provide tools for manufacturing PET preforms, thereby filling the gaps in its value chain. The increasing demand for PET preforms has been triggering various developments in the landscape. Companies are strengthening their PET portfolio with the help of acquisition strategies.

PET preforms manufacturers focus at continual production expansions owing to the increasing consumer demand. To know more about various other developments and strategies laid by leading PET preforms providers, click here.

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