Polyethylene-Based Box and Carton Overwrap Films Gain Significance Given its Aesthetic Appeal

Box and carton overwrap films are primarily developed to give the user efficient options for transport and aesthetically pleasing protection, from accidents and rough handling. These types of film materials create barriers of high efficacy, which can be wrapped around a variety of packaging formats.

Boosted by manufacturer preference towards the development of flexible packaging solutions, and the growing number of packing formats to suit the needs of different products, are creating a demand for increased convenience, and consequently increasing the adoption of box and carton overwrap films at a steady rate of more than 4.5% CAGR, as projected by Future Market Insights in a recent study on the worldwide box and carton overwrap films market.

Polyethylene (PE) Packaging Material Gains Higher Preference

The global demand for polyethylene box and carton overwrap film packaging is anticipated to grow higher than other alternatives such as PVC and PET with growth rate of nearly 5 percent at a value of approximately $4.5 billion, through the end of 2019.

The rising demand for the packaging of bottled edibles such as juices, milk, and water is anticipated to boost the demand for polyethylene film in the near future. Moreover, PE is gaining increased preference owing to the improvements in aesthetic appeal, and the larger number of printing options that that this packaging offers, which assists end users in creating clear differentiation in products and increased color options.

Polyethylene carton overwrap film also offers increased inertness to a wide variety of chemicals, in addition to flexibility of packaging configurations, higher transparency, durability, and sterility which makes it a popular choice for various end use industries including food and pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, recent innovations in the field, and growing concern about environmental pollution has led to the development of biodegradable variants for polyethylene films. With increasing implementation of stringent regulations for vendors in compliance with environment protection standards, growing numbers of end use industries are making use of these biodegradable options to avoid incurring large fines.

Food and Beverage Producers Display Higher Rates of Adoption

The combined consumption of box and carton overwrap films by the food and beverage industries equals to more than half of the entire global demand, and is estimated to build up to a massive value of approximately $5 billion through the end of 2019.

Usually, the packaging of food and beverages is performed with the assistance of numerous technology such as shrink wrap machines, atmosphere packaging, shrink sleeve wraps, fin seal packaging, sealed tray food packaging, flow wrap packaging, folding carton packaging, vertical form fill & seal bags, and corrugated packaging, each of which require different equipment and configurations to meet end user needs. This creates a massive requirement for box and carton overwrap films in the food and beverage sector.

Consumers have increased their demand for ready-to eat foods in recent years, such as TV dinners for consumers who want to eat on the go. In addition rising demand for bottled water, tea, or soft drinks is driving the demand for different types of box and carton overwrap films.

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