Oat Drinks Poised To Become Next Dairy Alternative for Coffee Brands

Already witnessed as a stand-in for milk in the non-dairy lattes at the coffee shops, as well as on the social media, this high-fiber grain is all-set to make a splash in the beverage market in 2019. The soluble fiber from oatmeal helps with low cholesterol diet, low saturated fat and most of all, helps in reducing risks related to heart diseases. A lot of excitement and general interest is witnessed around the category of oat drinks and mainly oats as an ingredient in dairy alt space. A latest prediction by a well-known market research company indicates that increasing number of entrants in the oat drinks market can help elevate awareness regarding the proposition. In addition, the company also reveals that natural oat drinks market sales is growing at a robust rate in 2019.

US To Witness Emergence of New Oat Drinks Qualifying FDA’s Health Claim

Quaker Oats Company in Chicago is planning to come up with an all-new oat drinks category in 2019, thereby catering the aspects;

  • Right functional offering
  • Consumer winning taste proposition

The company has taken this major initiative for growing its sales and expanding its non-dairy segment. The new oat drinks product-line will include flavours such as vanilla, original unsweetened and original. The company formulated this oat drinks line to qualify for FDA’s heart health claim for fiber, developed from oat bran, sunflower oil and chicory root extract. With the consumption of this all-new oat drinks, consumer can benefit with reliable source of fiber as well as excellent source of vitamin D and calcium, respectively. Quaker company anticipates their new oat drinks product-line to appeal whole new set of consumers as well.

Finland Vegan Consumers to Taste All-New Gluten and Additive-Free Oat Drinks

Juustoportti dairy, manufacturers of cheese and dairy products in west Finland has recently launched their first ever oat drinks product range in Finland. The company has launched the new oat drinks product portfolio targeting the vegan and vegetarian consumers. The all-new oat drinks are formulated with the help of pure Finnish oats and holds additive as well as gluten-free properties. Consumers can avail the new oat drinks in coffee and as an alternative to milk. Moreover, the new oat drinks product range is following European trend for launching dairy alternatives in markets, with decreasing consumption of milk across the globe. Such shifting dynamics of the beverage market holds a strong impact in Finland where the consumption of milk is high and the non-dairy drinks has been increasing in double-digits.

Exclusive Vegan-Friendly Drinks with Cereal Latte

Starbucks Corporation, coffee company in America has lately launched a new dairy-free latte, upping its plant-based options. The company has begun serving dairy-free oat drinks poured with espresso shot, in order to cater to emerging tastes and flavors of the health conscious consumers. Inclusion of this oat drink in the coffee chain highly benefits in intake of fiber content, slightly sweet and mild taste. In addition, the all-new oat drinks products are widely available in nearly 353 location in UK.

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