Manufacturers of Slitter Rewinder Machines Focus on Profitability with NPD Strategies

Slitter rewinder machines are used to convert parent rolls of plastic films, paper, multilayered materials such as multilayered aluminum foils, and composite materials produced by material manufacturers, into small-sized rolls for the purpose of direct consumption and also to produce smaller rolls designed in ideal dimensions for processing them into final products. A mechanism that incorporates the capabilities of both, slitting and rewinding in a single machine helps in minimizing the material handling equipment between two workstations. Moreover, the utilization of slitter rewinder machines helps to minimize the lead time of producing converted products.

The proliferating manufacturing activities across the globe are majorly influencing the deployment of slitter rewinder machines market. Moreover, various transformations in the packaging industry, including the development of flexible packaging domain have triggered the demand for paper and plastic films, thereby boosting the demand for converting these films. Owing to this, Future Market Insights predicts that the global slitter rewinder machines market is expected to project moderate growth in 2019, with approximately 4 % CAGR.

Manufacturers Witness Profitability with Emerging Contracts

Available in three machine variants including center driven, surface driven, and center-surface driven, the slitter rewinder machines are finding their extensive application across the globe. The global slitter rewinder machines landscape has witnessed an increasing deployment of the center driven slitter rewinder machines as they are less sensitive to the tension attained in the material during the process of rewinding. However, the growing demand for slitter rewinder machines used for wider parent rolls is creating a demand for surface and center-surface driven slitter winder machines. Manufacturers of slitter rewinder machines aim to gain a competitive edge with new contracts and partnerships.

For instance, the flexible packaging films producer, FIBOPE PORTUGUESA, gave a contract to Laem System for productive center-surface slitter rewinder along with the completely automatic center folder, which would act as a long-term profitability asset for FIBOPE PORTUGUESA. Laem System and the partner GOEBEL IMS have extensive expertise in manufacturing converting machines, which was required by the investment.

Demand for High-Speed Slitter Rewinder Machines to Boost Innovations

The developments in the converting industry are propelling companies to improve their investment capabilities for incorporating advanced technology, thereby boosting the quality of products. This has created the demand for the high-end and high-speed splitter and rewinder machines. Owing to this scenario, the slitter rewinder machines with a speed above 800 m/min are expected to hold the largest market share in 2019. Owing to this, companies are boosting innovations to cater to the high-speed requirements.

For instance, SP Ultraflex, an industrial equipment supplier launched a new product in the slitter rewinder machines landscape. The latest version, Roboslit Plus, is a dual turret slitter rewinder machine that has the speed of 1000 m/min, more than the flagship series with the speed of 800 m/min. Moreover, the machine comes with additional features regarding safety and performance, to improve the quality of the finished product.

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