Laboratory Ovens Exhibit High Utility in Forensics as Manufactures Focus on Product Innovations

Although laboratory ovens have been categorized on the basis of their simplicity, many manufacturers in laboratory ovens market are focusing on developing second-tier features such as enhanced reliability and independent temperature safety and shut off. The demand for laboratory ovens is expected to grow at a moderate rate of nearly 4.4% in 2019, according to a forecasted report by FMI (Future Market Insights) on laboratory ovens market, globally. The average laboratory ovens are expected to become obsolete within the seven years of manufacture and moreover, repair of damaged and old laboratory ovens turns out to be costly and time-consuming. This in turn makes the purchase of new laboratory ovens cheaper compared to the former method and need for growing awareness regarding the regular maintenance of laboratory ovens gives research institutes opportunities to develop programs regarding the same.

North America to Register Maximum Sales of Laboratory Ovens; To Outpace Europe

North America is projected to hold massive market share in laboratory ovens market by expanding at a steady pace in 2019. Dental laboratory ovens is expected to be the major attribute towards the regional growth. With increasing number of dental diseases and dental caries, demand for technologically advanced products comes in play, thereby driving the need for laboratory ovens in the region. Growing availability of skilled professionals, rising awareness regarding oral hygiene and significantly increasing dental clinics stimulates the growth of North America laboratory ovens market. Moreover, constant advancement in healthcare facilities by U.S. government further propels deployment of laboratory ovens in North America.

Vacuum Ovens to Witness Steady Expansion

Vacuum ovens are expected to hold a quarter share in laboratory ovens market through 2019 with surging demand from forensic, clinical and research laboratories, in order to cater to the growing needs of delicate drying processes such as removing flammable solvents and drying tiny parts. Manufacturers such as Scientific Digital Imaging plc are taking up immense efforts in expanding their global distribution networks by making strategic acquisitions and are introducing new territories that would help them in reducing manufacturing costs and increase sales. In addition, emergence of vacuum ovens that deliver maximum efficiency in purging solvents such as the butane hash oil, is expected to further dive-in opportunities for expansion of customer-base in laboratory ovens market.

Forensic Laboratories to Hold Bright Future

Forensic laboratories are expected to expand at a moderate pace in the laboratory ovens market in 2019. With increasing number of forensic investigations due to rising number of crime rates such as terrorist bombings and gun violence across the world, demand for laboratory ovens in forensic laboratories is expected to increase. Advanced forensic technologies including portable usage of the color chemistry for the purpose of identifying chemical and biological weapons, sensing technologies, DNA-profiling techniques, enhanced extraction of the fingerprints from metals such as gun cartridges and fragments further drives the usage of laboratory ovens by forensics.

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