Institutions Demand Lightweight Carbon Hybrid Deployable Military Shelters for Personnel Deployments

Military force of any country always looks for advanced technologies for surviving in any given situation, and when taken exercises, tactics and operations into consideration, need for mobile goods such as equipment, shelter and food along with other military applications increases. Deployable military shelter is mainly availed by the infantry, R&D team, medical support team and rescue team. The overall demand for deployable military shelter in 2019 on a Y-O-Y basis is expected to rise at a steady rate of nearly 4%, as forecasted by FMI (Future Market Insights) in its recently published report on deployable military shelter market.

Widespread usage in the vehicle mounted application with growing demand for the mobile tactical shelters for stealth and remote operations further drives adoption rate of deployable military shelter.

Soft Wall Shelter to Remain Most Preferable Shelter Type

In terms of volume, soft wall shelter type is expected to lead the deployable military shelter market in 2019, accounting for nearly 147,105 units. Soft wall deployable military shelter is likely to gain prominence attributed to surging development of the light-weight shelters such as carbon fiber deployable military shelter. Manufacturers are working on developing softer wall inflatable military shelter, which would be ready-for-use in just 15minutes. Especially for remote operations, demand for soft wall deployable military shelter comes in play. This deployable military shelter type offers quick deployment services without any heavy equipment or personalized construction training and most of all, significantly caters to the emerging needs such as swift and easy erection deployable military shelter.

Personnel Application to Hold Prominence In 2019

The personnel application in deployable military shelter market is taking the lead in 2019 with over US $240 Million value growth. Western Europe is witnessed as more inclined towards safety of the soldiers, which in turn augments the growth of personnel application in deployable military shelter market. With growing expansion rates of military base overseas further contributes heavily towards the demand for deployable military shelter.

Emergence of Innovative Carbon Hybrid Deployable Military Shelter to Take a Leap

Carbon hybrid deployable military shelter is likely to emerge as a lucrative development, thereby enabling the global market to expand at double digit CAGR in 2019. The new light-weight carbon hybrid deployable military shelter such as HTS-RDS CARBON-HYBRID Shelter Series is likely to trend in the forthcoming years. The trend is likely to remain mainly due to its advanced structures and caters to the need for optimal and light-weight military tents. Carbon hybrid deployable military shelter also withstands far higher snow as well as wind loadings. Most of all, the lightweight deployable military shelter occupies lesser volume compared to its counterparts, thereby reducing transportation costs and storage.

North America to Hold Incremental Opportunity In 2019

North America is likely to take the lead in deployable military shelter market in 2019 with US holding the maximum value share of nearly US$ 45,207Million. With rapidly increasing demand for the advanced and new hangars for aircraft base and medical facility and ongoing military modernization programs are majorly attributed towards the growth of North America deployable military shelter market.

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