Marks and Spencer Launches New Vegan Range Plant Kitchen but Company Faces Twitter Ire over Allergy Warnings

Around 3.5 million people joined the vegan revolution in 2018, with many more joining the culture with New Year resolutions for 2019, this January is being called veganuary in popular news. Marks and Spencer has recently launched its new product in a series of vegan products. Containing over 60 meat and dairy-free products under the brand name Plant Kitchen.

Supermarkets all over UK are witnessing a growing number of vegan products on sale as companies like Nestle launch new products. Marks and Spencer with all new vegan series of food and treats New Kitchen will maximize the texture and flavor by using only plant based sources. The range which includes meals, snacks, salads and instant cook-at-home products will be a game-changer with price starting from £2 according to the company.

The vegan menu includes ‘veganized’ versions of popular foods like Cashew Mac and Cauliflower Popcorn along with Sourdough Pizza with BBQ and Margherita flavors. Healthy Meals on offer include Green Thai Curry, Mushroom Stroganoff, Potato Salad and Coleslaw. Ready to eat items include Sweet Potato Biryani Wrap and Rainbow veg sushi.

Customers can also create a customized blend of delicious recipes by including soya protein, tofu and grain packs. The company Director of product development April Preston says that the company’s core vision behind launching new vegan series was to provide vegan friendly delicious meals so people don’t have to compromise with taste.

Although the company launched an all vegan series, there were warnings in small print for allergies. Contradictory claims were visible on some products where the product is called vegan in large print but in small print a warning is printed for egg and milk allergy sufferers. Many people on twitter expressed their disappointment while others accused the retail giant of misleading the consumer.

Marks and Spencer’s Spokesperson clarified the confusion by stating that the company’s products are completely vegan friendly and that the company has collaborated with Allergy UK and Vegan Society while developing the products.

The company stated that although its products are vegan friendly it may not be suitable for people with severe allergies as there’s always the chance of presence of allergens in the environment while making it.

The company is also planning to adopt recyclable bags by doing away with the black plastic trays for its healthy food range Balanced for You. The decision is a part of company’s committment to adopt easy to use recyclable plastic packaging by 2022.

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