Ireland’s Novi Launches OneCloud Platform which Offers to Combine Security-enabled Cloud Services along with Customized Access to Multiple Service Providers

In a world where companies and organizations are increasingly looking to move their data and IT to cloud, Ireland-based cloud security and service provider Novi has launched its new cloud service Novi OneCloud. According to the company, Novi OneCloud is meant for small companies to big corporations employing thousands which allows them to do away with VPN’s and physical servers to securely and easily access information from all parts of the world.

The cloud service provider facilitates services such as streamlined access, deployment, reporting, billing and management and allows secure cloud access from multiple vendors. The company recently received Euro 1, 50,000 software development investment making the company first integrated cloud security service provider in Ireland.

The firm places enhanced emphasis on identity management by enabling controlled management of passwords, usernames and accounts through the cloud. All applications can be accessed through a single sign-in bypassing the user’s need to sign-in multiple times to access email, enterprise resource planning as well as file storage.

Although cloud computing has offered new services to all businesses and has seen rapid growth in recent years, but still there are bottlenecks in its wider adoption by small and medium businesses. OneCloud wants to eliminate the integration impediments of multiple service providers by offering a single platform for all cloud services and products. It will allow customers to access and navigate features form multiple providers including biggies like Amazon, Microsoft and Citrix in a manageable single service. It allows single handedly to access multiple platform while eliminating the security risks that come with relying on a single provider in case of disaster situations like data breach and theft.

The solution offers file encryption as well as 2-step authentication process with the freedom to include add-on services like patch and vulnerability management along with email filtering. The service is also extended to mobile devices by offering end-to-end security thorough employees personal devices. The Novi OneCloud service can be integrated with existing standard services like Microsoft’s Office 365 and new services can be integrated on-demand as per customer preferences. This service can also be used standalone giving the companies absolute control over their data and its whereabouts which is obviously a plus for swifter regulatory compliance.

Small and medium businesses don’t have the required capital for in-house cloud infrastructure. There are obvious security risks involved in dealing with only one service provider. At the same time they lack in required expertise to manage multiple service provider at the same time. Here comes OneCloud’s primary role in creating an intermediate platform by linking multiple service providers with customers.

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