A New Medical Device HemaShock Gives New Hope in Case of Cardiac Arrests

An Israeli health startup Oneg HaKarmel has created a device which pumps 1 liter of blood back into the heart. The device will supposedly improve CPR survival rates.

CPR is an emergency procedure which combines chest compressions and artificial ventilation to manually preserve intact brain and heart function until spontaneous blood circulation and breathing is restored in a cardiac arrest patient.

Out-of 8000 cases of cardiac arrests in United Kingdom, only 16% of them could make their way to emergency room with a barely functioning heart. While only 2.8% of them could survive 30 days after the first incident. These numbers shows the severity of resuscitation failures which threatens the life expectancy in cardiac arrest patients.

These numbers necessitated an urgent call for innovative technology in the resuscitation procedures. Even professional healthcare providers with adrenaline and electric defibrillation at their disposal have witnessed a resuscitation failure because of primary reason that during a cardiac arrest circulation to the coronary arteries and cerebral circulation becomes restricted during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In case of a medic the challenge is still higher, numbers show that when bystander does CPR, the efficacy is reduced to one fourth of the normal.

There are some organs which are very sensitive to the normal blood flow of the system, which includes brain, coronary arteries, the heart, kidneys and liver. Legs are the organs which can sustain without a blood flow for the longest time of 2 hours as observed in orthopedic surgery which routinely uses tourniquets.

The device HemaShock works this problem by blocking blood flow to the legs and increasing blood flow to the heart. If needed the device is applied to another leg while making sure that blood pressure doesn’t rise beyond a certain limits. Research has already shown the efficiency of the device which basically jump starts the heart buying the patient more time to reach the hospital in the time of cardiac arrest. The device is not a permanent solution but a viable one which has not caused any collateral damage.

Physicians call a grace period after a cardiac arrest before which a patient’s chance of survival is the greatest, a golden hour. Oneg HaKarmel’s CEO Prof. Noam Gavriely, claims that by the application of the device the golden hour can be widened to as good as 120 minutes. The device is supposed to be applied in a pre-hospital procedure by paramedics, ambulance personnel and medics.

While US Marine Corps have already used the device in one of occasions, the device is awaiting its clinical testing round at Eisenhower Hospital, California. HemaClear is another device created by OHK which creates a bloodless surgical field by quickly and effectively moves blood from the limbs. The device has been certified by CE and FDA and have successfully been used in 1.2 million cases in 42 countries worldwide.

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