Next-Gen Motor Control ICs to Address High-performance and Efficiency Demands

Motor control IC is a device that dictates the performance of an electric motor and helps control several setups including heater, DC motor, LEDs, and others. The motor control IC consists of manual or automatic starting and stopping of an electric motor. Owing to a range of attributes, the motor control IC finds its application in a plethora of end-user segments including medical, automotive, and other sectors. With the changing requirements in the end-user segment, manufacturers are adopting new innovative techniques to deliver improved products to the motor control IC market. This is further driven by the technological developments witnessed by the market owing to which high-performance and efficiency in motor control IC has become achievable.

New Cost-effective Family of Products Introduced in the Market

With the enhancements in the needs of application segments, the leading players in the motor control IC market are constantly taking efforts towards bringing new innovations in the market. Cost-effectiveness remains a crucial factor for the end-user segment while purchasing a motor control IC.

On account of this, Infineon Technologies AG, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, introduced a motor control IC range, IMC100, which is designed to provide a ready to use solution for high-efficiency variable speed drives. The IMC100 integrates the required control and hardware algorithms and enables the least time to market for any motor system, additionally at the lowest development and system cost. Moreover, the company’s next-generation of MCE (Motion Control Engine) improves the motor algorithm performance, adding further functionalities. The new motor control IC range finds its application in major consumer electronics such as air-conditions, home appliances, pumps, and fans.

Meeting Advanced Performance Requirements with State-of-the-art Solutions

Industrial sectors demand for high-performance solutions to further drive their industrial process effectively. Moreover, the demand for high reliability and precision has been stirring new innovations in the motor control IC market. Manufacturers aim at boosting their industrial processes, thereby creating the need for advanced motor control IC solutions.

Owing to this, TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG, a leading developer of electronics, semiconductors, and mechatronic solutions unveiled that the introduction of TMC2160, their new stepper motor driver. The high-performance TMC2160 is a unique combination of powerful external MOSFET driver stages. It is an immensely versatile chip that serves a broad spectrum of applications. The product offers an ideal current control for high-power stepper motors.

Safer Control of DC brushed Motors Made Possible

Monitoring the state of the motors and gaining a feedback has become a crucial task in the overall motor control. To fulfill these demands, leading manufacturers of motor control IC are enhancing their product portfolio, thereby acquiring a substantial share of the overall market.

For instance, a prominent player of the motor control IC market, Toshiba Corporation, introduced a dual integrated H-bridge DC brushed motor driver IC. This solution is ideal for monitoring the motor state in applications such as ATMs, office equipment, robotic cleaners, home appliances, and others. The inbuilt flat output circuit in the chip monitors the current motor state and indicates when the current reaches the upper limit.

Such product innovations deliver next-generation performance and are expected to boost the revenue of the motor control IC market players. With such accelerating innovations, the motor control IC market is expected to witness a significant growth in the near future.

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