Developments in the Food Industry to Create Demand for High Pressure Processing Equipment

High pressure processing technology consists of a cold pasteurization technique that introduces already sealed and packaged products into a vessel and subjects them to a high-level isostatic pressure. The high pressure processing technology is gaining significance owing to the several advantages associated with the process, which include retaining the freshness of foods, ensuring that nutritional and sensorial properties of food products remains intact, extends product life, reduces the need for food preservatives, and other. Owing to these benefits, the demand for high pressure processing equipment and machinery is growing significantly.

Expandable High Pressure Processing Equipment

With the changing application landscape, the needs of the food industry are constantly changing. Companies are opting for more scalable alternatives when it comes to high pressure processing equipment. Furthermore, the increasing demand for high pressure processing equipment has compelled manufacturers to innovate in the existing product line, helping them gain a competitive edge.

The one-of-its-kind expandable high pressure processing equipment provided by JBT-Avure was chosen by California-based HPP Food Services, as the high pressure processing equipment allows them to expand their capacity whenever the company grows. Moreover, HPP Food Services has expanded the JBT-Azure’s high pressure processing equipment, increasing the processing capacity from the initial 40 million pounds to 60 million of products. Additionally, the equipment capacity can be increased without increasing the production floor footprint.

Clean Label Trends to Drive up Sales

Clean Label food preferences are amongst the most effective growth drivers, as consumers are increasingly opting for safer food and beverages. Furthermore, with the increasing prevalence of high pressure processing across the food industry, the high pressure processing equipment manufacturers are expected to cherish burgeoning demand for the product.

This is further driven by the verification of products for being treated with high pressure processing. Such a verification process is expected to propel the adoption of high pressure processing technology, thereby boosting the demand for high pressure processing equipment. The high pressure equipment manufacturers, JBT-Avure, Hiperbaric, and others created a third party-body, the Cold Pressure Council, for the new Cold Pressure Consumer Seal, focused on spreading awareness about the high pressure process technology amongst retailers as well as consumers.

The high pressure processing equipment market research report presented by Future Market Insights, uncovers the significant elements of the report. The detailed segments and potential regional opportunities in the high pressure processing equipment market are included in the research publication. Furthermore, the developments carried out by prominent players in the high pressure processing equipment market, and the strategies implemented by them provide the emerging companies with a significant outlook of the market scenario, thereby supporting them in decision making.

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