Advances in Picture Resolution and Large Screens for Mobile Phones Generate Demand for Flat Panel Displays

Used extensively in most parts of the world, as a highly popular option of digital displays, for numerous applications, flat panel displays are gaining increased acceptance by users worldwide. Devices that make use of flat panel displays have found widespread application as public information systems, digital signage, large format displays (LFD), and retail or exhibition display units. They are ideally used for promotional purposes by businesses for new methods of advertising.

Flat panel displays provide users with great versatility in the method of usage through usage in landscape or portrait orientations depending on the end-purpose. They are available to users in a large spectrum of sizes and shapes, larger than 100 inches. Modern variants also offer users interactive touch screen interfaces, depending on the end user’s needs.

Large format displays are also gaining increased adoption by businesses. This can be attributed to the fact that LFDs provides users with a very cost-effective and trustworthy display medium that can be easily set up and used. Large format displays also uniquely provides users with the option of easy updates remotely, with internet access.

LCD Variants of Flat Panel Displays Witness Increased Adoption

Flat panel displays can be broadly divided on the basis of material and design into plasma displays, and liquid crystal displays. In recent times LCD flat panel displays have seen a significant increase in adoption owing to continuously decreasing costs of production and sales, along with low power consumption, and higher reliability of performance.

This is especially true of LED flat panel displays that allow multi-screen viewing without needed external software or hardware, in addition to enhanced brightness, contrast, color saturation, wider viewing angles, and significant reduction to bezel sizes, which minimizes image seams to a negligible level.

With the reduction in prices of the LCD flat panel displays, the sector is becoming easier for new manufacturers to enter. This is expected to boost the discovery of new and diverse applications of such technology.

For instance numerous modern CCTV enabled security control rooms, make use of massive LCD video walls as they can avail improved control and efficiency in operations while using minimal space. Other places of business such as theatres, night clubs, lobbies, concert venues, retail shops, designer shops and window displays are also increasingly adopting LCD flat panel displays.

Innovations in Mobiles and Consumer Electronics Generate Demand

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the global flat panel displays market, the consumer electronics sector is anticipated to generate a very high demand in terms of applications for flat panel displays in the coming decade, and is going to contribute for majority of all flat panel displays worldwide.

For instance, AU Optronics Corp has released its range of TFT LCD Displays with new innovations including bar type ultra-stretched LCD panels for panoramic applications, integrated packet capture, resistive touch screens, that allow operations in wide temperature range that are ideal for gaming, automation medical, POS, and kiosk applications among others.

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