This Canada City Would Now Charge for Paper Coffee Cups

Recent news indicates that many shops in Montreal will be charging nearly 25 cent for the disposable coffee cups, in order to encourage the customers in bringing individual reusable mug. This step is taken for cutting-down on waste. Many independent café owners from Canada are looking forward for an exclusive meeting for discussing regarding the ‘latte levy’. Most paper cups that are utilized for takeaway coffees have been integrated with thin layer of plastics, which enables in making them waterproof and extremely difficult for recycling. Pressure is expected to be significantly experienced by the bigger corporations such as McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s and Starbucks, resulting in transformation of their practices.

UK government ministers have been taking similar measures for taxing the takeaway paper coffee cups by 25 pence. Customers utilizing reusable mugs have been already receiving 25p discount on every Starbucks drink. However, customers drinking in-store have been encouraged to avail ceramic cups. The crucial impact of the plastic pollution on the wildlife is increasingly been highlighted by many environmentalists in the recent past. Notable measures are being constantly taken for enhancing the ban on plastic straws, which has significantly helped in less harm to animals. In addition, the EU has been taking up efforts in prohibiting usage of single straws. Most of all, fear has been increasing at a rapid rate with regards to the plastics consumed by the animal that is making its way in the food meant for the human consumption.

A recent study on paper cups market by Future Market Insights indicates that increasing number of government regulations and growing usage of bioplastics will further stimulate the growth of paper cups market. Visible paradigm shift towards sustainability is expected to offer robust push towards sales of the environment-friendly paper cups.

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UK Government Invests Approximately £60Million for Promoting Sustainable Packaging

Government of UK recently announced approximately £60Million funding for accelerating development of the sustainable packaging. Since past few years, the UK government has invested nearly £140Million for the same. This major step is taken to challenge the innovators for creating sustainable packaging solutions, thereby reducing impact on environment with harmful plastics. The huge funding will enable in launching new forms of packaging and plastics such as transforming the food scrapings into bioplastic cups and bags. The heavy funding is expected to beacon for manufacturing, design and exporting of the sustainable products and eco-friendly replacements. All these efforts are expected to cater to the cleaner and greener economy. The funding will be delivered by the UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) by means of Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Moreover, businesses might be expected to offer co-investment as well as enter into partnerships with the government.

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