Paper Industry Projected to Benefit from Novel Paper Coating Binders

Binder is considered as a vital ingredient in the pigment coating for bringing greater adhesion, flexibility, and luster to the paper. Companies are constantly focusing on improving their product portfolio for the coating requirements from the paper industry. With next-generation paper coating binders introduced in the paper coating binders market, the scope of growth remains very high. The changing requirements are greatly boosting innovations in the paper coating binders market.

Impact of Green Material Demand

While paraffin, which is used as petroleum-based paper coating binders is not sustainable as the fibers treated with paraffin are not biodegradable or recyclable. Moreover, the demand for ‘green’ or environmental friendly products continues to elevate with the increasing paper products being dumped in landfills that are coated with petroleum-based paper coating binders. This scenario has greatly risen the need for alternatives that could be more sustainable yet deliver similar benefits for paper coating needs. Owing to this bio-based paper coating binders are gaining major emphasis as they possess environmental benefits. Companies providing paper coating binders are increasingly providing bio-based paper coating binders.

Paper coating binders market has witnessed key research and development activities for testing the capabilities of various ingredients which could be used paper coating needs. Furthermore, the demand for environmental friendly paper coating binders has greatly stimulated such research activities. Companies such as OrganoClick are experimenting with the capabilities of natural plant compounds to offer bio-based binders systems. This technology is compatible with various fibers including paper pulp and cotton.

Renewable Formulations Gaining Emphasis

The use of cheap and renewable paper coating formulations for the purpose of coating paper products is gaining major emphasis owing to the benefits associated with these formulations. This is greatly influenced by the rising concerns related to the fossil based raw materials. This scenario has resulted in the formation of styrene-butadiene latex as paper coating binders. Major paper coating binders market participants are increasingly providing paper coating latex binders owing to the increasing consumption of this product. Companies such as Trinseo and BASF, which are recognized to be the major paper coating binders market participants are providing latex binders to the paper coating binders market.

Companies are aiming to achieve a certification from the certification bodies for their binders based on renewable resources. The binders provided by the Wacker Group were certified by the international technical inspectorate and certification body, TÜV Süd. The company serves the customers in the paints, construction, textile, adhesives, and paper industry that promote the use of renewable raw materials. Wacker group finds itself capable of addressing the industry requirements with the help of their vinyl acetate-ethylene polymers. With such renewable formulation gaining significance, the paper coating binders market is expected to witness major developments in the forthcoming years.

Key Player to Expand Market Presence

With the booming demand for paper coating binders from the paper industry, market players are focusing on expanding their capabilities in the paper coating binders market. With more number of commercial contracts, the providers of paper coating binders are able to harness the demand for paper coating binders. For instance, EcoSynthetix, a key provider of paper coating binders had secured a contract with Stora Enso, a global provider of renewable solutions various markets, for the providing its EcoSphere biolatex binder that is specially designed for the paperboard and paper industry. With this contract the company product EcoSphere would be used for packaging paperboard formulations at the European mills of Stora Enso.

The paper coating binders market research report is a compilation of such detailed inputs that throw light on the effective potential offerings of the paper coating binders market. The research study illustrates the key developments in the market, proliferating segments of the paper coating binders market, major strategies of the paper coating binders market players, and opportunistic avenues for the future. To gain an insightful glance into the paper coating binders market, click here.

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