Growing Desire for Enhanced Functional Foods to Drive Protein Ingredients Market

Protein- being essential in repairing and healing the human body, is witnessing an increase in global consumption- combined with factors such as changing socio-demographics. These changing dynamics is likely to strain the protein-rich resources to provide more and different types of food with protein ingredients. Additionally, increased demand for animal-based products- rich in protein is expected to propel the global protein ingredients market.

However, these demands are expected to have a negative impact on the environment- generating more greenhouse gas emissions and requiring more water and land. To address this concern, manufacturers and consumers will either have to look for ways to sustain the production of products with protein ingredient or have to make alternative sources of protein available for direct human consumption.

According to a recent research, animal-based products is anticipated to dominate more than half of protein ingredients markets. This demand can be attributed to the rising consumption of eggs and dairy products across the world. The global protein ingredients market is expected to reach a market valuation of US$ 38,569.1 Mn by the end of 2028, as per market research.

Food Products ‘Enhanced’ with Protein to Cater to Growing Demand

Growing demand for food with protein ingredients has led to increased usage for ‘protein fortification’. To enhance certain functional properties, manufacturers rely heavily on adding beneficial ingredients to food products- called food fortification. This process lets manufacturers address crucial mineral or vitamin deficiencies concerns among consumers. Rising preference for protein in everyday foods products along with increasing demand for weight management products has pushed for protein fortification strategies.

Through this process, manufacturers adjust the content of protein in food products to meet regulatory guidelines and increase functional properties- by further improving the product’s uniformity, consistency, texture, and taste. Increase in demand ‘protein-enhanced’ and standardized food with protein ingredients is currently driving the growth of the global market to a significant extent.

Yogurt- a popular fermented milk product has witnesses increased demand owing to their high nutritional value. More than that, yogurt’s sensory and textural properties are also appealing- which plays an important parameter on taste sensory and acceptability of yogurt. However, at times lower fat content can make yogurt’s texture weak, along with poor sensory properties. Yogurt fortification with milk proteins is a common practice to increase its density of the protein matrix along with improved textural properties.

In another study, it was found that infants who were fed donor milk exhibited slow growth as compared to those fed formula milk. After extensive research, it was established that early human milk feeding- both donor and mother’s milk- with ‘standard and acceptable’ fortification of human milk would result in significant weight gain and head growth in low-weight infants than a formula-fed diet.

Although this development has certainly brought the relief to manufacturers of products with protein ingredients, it remains to be seen what other innovations will propel the global market for products with protein ingredients.

Insights presented in this article are an outcome of extensive market research by Future Market Insights and can be viewed in detail at here.

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