New Innovations in the Hand Sanitizer Industry to be Backed by Improved Product Commercialization

The growing need for fighting harmful bacteria and need to decrease the infectious agents from hands, has given rise to the need for hand sanitizers. Being an alcohol-based product, the hand sanitizers are preferable over the constant requirements of washing hands to get rid of germs and bacteria present on them. Apart from its extensive applicability in the healthcare sector, that requires greater hygiene and hand sanitizers are being used by individuals in their daily lives. Moreover, the quick results of a hand sanitizer to eradicate 99.99 percent of bacteria, fungi, and viruses after 30 seconds of its application has given a boost to the popularity gained by hand sanitizers.

The provider of hand sanitizers is seen competing with one another owing to the increasing demand and need for hand sanitizers. The companies are working towards product differentiation and greater emphasis is given to the effective commercialization of the product to gain a competitive edge in the industry. The conventional hygiene practices are being replaced by the practice of using hand-rub sanitizers, hand sanitizer wipes, foam-based sanitizers, gel-based sanitizers, or spray sanitizers. There are various trends is the consumer product industry that is expected to influence the product manufacturers. The waterless sterilization and need to disinfect quickly gave rise to the growing demand for hand sanitizers. The various product types in the market help the customers to choose what they need.

Market Players to Redefine Waterless Sterilization

The waterless sterilization business is seeing improvements in terms of the look and feel and the formulation. An innovative thinker from the Harvard Business School recognized the opportunity of introducing new products to the industry. With similar strategies of the market players to innovate with the help of appealing product packaging and easier product dispensing. The company OLIKA has worked towards differentiating in the hand sanitizer market with their product Birdie. Beyond the conventional hand sanitizers offered in regular dispensers, this hand sanitizer is a spray bottle shaped in the form of a bird that comes with hand sanitizer wipes on the bottom of the pack. The packaging of this new addition to the hand sanitizer family is so designed that it can be carried with no spills. Apart from its design, this hand sanitizer spray contains mostly natural ingredients with a fragrant formulation and appealing colors that make the product stand out. EO is known for their organic hand sanitizers which have 100 percent essential oils in their formulation and are gluten-free and cruelty-free products. With such innovations introduced to the market, other players are extending their focus to create appealing product designs to attract the consumers.

Growing Standards of Product Commercialization to Influence the Hand Sanitizer Market

With all the hand sanitizers in the market having similar components and compositions, product innovation is quite hard to carry out. The market players, therefore, innovate and develop new packaging and product dispensing systems. From disinfectant machine hand sanitizers, unique holders for the hand sanitizers to various packs for easy carrying and dispensing, the providers of hand sanitizers are seen innovating in the way people can use the bottles and packs. There are various travel packs and silicon holders for attachment to the bags that are being introduced by market contributors.

Moreover, customized packs of hand sanitizers with customized design and logos accepted for printing on packs are assisting the market players to gain a competitive advantage over other with such a product differentiation witnessed by the hand sanitizer market.

Future of the Hand Sanitizer Market

With the largest share in the hand sanitizer market, the hospital segment is expected to witness new innovations in product dispensing and improved formulation for its specific application in that sector. Moreover, recent revelations of the bacteria getting stronger and more resistant to hand sanitizers, market players are expected to invest in research and development for the better formulation and effective components that could fight the ever-growing strong bacteria and fungi.

With giant companies such as ITC, entering the sanitizer segment owing to the significance gained by health and hygiene, with the introduction of the Savlon Pen Sanitizer Spray, the hand sanitizer market is projected to greater opportunities in the market.

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