Market Players to Redefine the Possibilities Projected by the Karaya Gum Market Owing to its New Application

Obtained from the Sterculia urens trees found mainly in India, Mali, and Senegal the karaya gum is a vegetable gum that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries including food and beverage and cosmetics. It is known for being a bulking agent, stabilizer and flavor emulsifier, packed with functionalities including water retention and suspension properties. The karaya gum applicability makes it a popular karaya gum owing to its benefits in the food and beverage industry. The use of karaya gum in various end user segments is expected to support the growth of the karaya gum market. The market players involved in providing karaya gum to the market are expected to leverage the potential of the karaya gum owing to the various benefits. With major key players working on discovering new applicability and possibilities of use of the karaya gum, the market is expected to proliferate rapidly in the coming years.

The market contributors in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry are implementing the use of karaya gum extensively for the endless benefits of the gum. After being used for over 100 years as a commercial gum, karaya gum has become a widely used material during the 20th century for its use as an adulterant and an alternative for tragacanth gum. Owing to its greater physiochemical properties over tragacanth and the additional cost-effectiveness, the karaya gum was known to be more useful. As it was found in India, it is one of the largest producers and exporters of the karaya gum.

Major Developments to Facilitate a Rise in the Karaya Gum Application

Owing to its demand from various sectors, the karaya gum suppliers are focusing on extending the possibilities and the scope of the karaya gum market through opportunities associated with karaya gum. After being known for its benefits in the pharmaceutical industry, karaya gum suppliers and providers discovered the capabilities of karaya gum for the food industry. Alland & Robert, French Suppliers of karaya gum came forward to discover the innovative use of karaya in the food industry. Previously held back owing to a bacteriology issue, Alland & Robert has brought karaya gum back to the food industry by tackling this shortcoming with a flash heating method. The company, previously providing karaya gum to the pharmaceutical sector is now commercializing it as a clean label replacement for microbial origin gums, fit for manufacturers preferring natural alternatives. The application of karaya gum in foods is seen growing with time owing to the initial strategies of Alland & Robert. Owing to its natural properties karaya gum has become a great alternative for foods.

Demand for Clean Label Ingredients to Proliferate the Growth of Karaya Gum

Known for adding an extra texture to the foods, gums and starches are gaining an ever-increasing significance. With food manufacturers switching from artificial gums to natural and vegan gums, the clean label revolution is taking over the foods industry. Moreover, the shift of consumer preference to clean label foods has resulted in the growing use of clean label ingredient alternatives in their production. Prepared foods that are gaining popularity owing to the consumers need for convenient, lesser time consuming and yet nutritionally great foods are expected to foster the growth of the natural gums and starches that add to the quality of the foods. Owing to rising clean label ingredient requirements, many market players are seen dealing with the karaya gum lately.

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With more number of companies offering karaya gum as a product, the sales of the gum are expected to increase in the food industry. With the advent of flash heating technology for tackling its drawbacks, the demand for karaya gum is expected to rise in the food and beverage industry. Owing to this, Farbest, a food and nutrition ingredient manufacturer has now stepped in to offer karaya gum by adding it to their product portfolio.

With these improvements in the karaya gum market and the escalating demand for clean label ingredients and stabilizing agents such as karaya gum, the market is projected to a healthy growth in the coming years.

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