Innovations in Digital Radiography to Revolutionize the Future of the Healthcare Industry with new Digital Radiography Detectors

Healthcare sector has been projecting continued growth in terms of diagnosis and treatment provided to the patients. Digital imaging is one such growth factor of the healthcare industry. Digital medical imaging has showcased evolutions in the past couple of years. The advent of digital technology in healthcare has brought in accuracy and efficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Categorized under the diagnostic imaging segment of medical imaging, digital radiology is used during the initial process of diagnosis. Digital radiology solutions have introduced extreme transformations over the past decades. The use of digital X-ray imaging in healthcare delivers accuracy, thereby enhancing the process of diagnosis.

With the need for accuracy and precision in the healthcare industry, the world has witnessed a shift from conventional screen-film radiography to computed radiography, further moving towards digital radiography over the past decade. In the digital radiography system, flat panel digital radiography detectors consisting scintillator detection layer deposited over the active matrix array of thin film transistors and photodiodes are used.

The innovative and next-generation digital radiography detectors consist of automatic beam detection along with the benefits of portability and flexibility. These latest digital radiography detectors allow on-panel image corrections resulting in faster and reliable image transmission. Apart from new-aged developments seen in the digital radiography detectors, the use of different software using artificial intelligence help improve the process of diagnosis.

High-value Flat Panel Detectors introduced to the Digital Radiography Detectors Market

Vieworks has been one of the leading providers of enhanced digital medical imaging processing, robust design, signal processing for high precision optics and imaging sensor. Their team of experts has introduced flat panel detectors falling in the category of digital radiography detectors. They were witnessed showcasing their new VIVIX digital radiography detectors at the Arab Health 2018 during the first quarter of the year 2018. With features that include superior automatic exposure detection function providing high reliability and accuracy, enhanced durability, and faster data communication, the digital radiography detectors provided by Vieworks are a ground-breaking innovation in the digital radiography detectors market.

Other Innovations Flooding the Digital Radiography Detectors Market

A global provider of X-ray imaging solutions, Detection Technology was seen boosting its growth strategies by introducing the new flat panel detector called X-panel to their product portfolio. Enhanced quality of images, greater accuracy and a better experience for patients are their ultimate goals while they offer these innovative products.

Being a pioneer of leading-edge medical imaging technology with innovative solutions, Aspenstate is constantly working on providing cutting-edge medical solutions. Their new straight arm digital radiography system is a universal and compact solution for efficient digital radiography requirements. Equipped with effective digital radiography detectors, the system delivers great performance without compromising patient safety.

With growing developments in the healthcare sector, companies are seen providing improved imaging solutions and digital radiography detectors to the market which is expected to ease the process of diagnosis with enhanced medical solutions for the patients. Such innovations are expected to nurture the growth of the digital radiography detectors market while medical imaging continues to evolve.

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