Inventory Management Software to Fuel the Proactive Management of Supply Chain in Various Sectors

The growing industrial sectors and expanding retail lines across the globe are increasing the demand for effective management of the flow of inventory. With large number of products and goods manufactured and transported on a regular basis, managing the supply chain manually is nearly impossible. With technological advancements and digital solutions coming to the rescue, inventory management software installations are the new-aged supply chain management solution. Inventory management software helps businesses in effective decision making and futuristic planning by benefiting from the power of inventory automation technology. With efficient and timely monitoring provided by the software, enterprises can prepare for unexpected and immoderate changes in the market.

Retailers and warehouse owners are leveraging the advanced features of the inventory management software which include checking stock of goods, segmenting products within inventory and get notified when the stock is about to get over for taking further necessary actions. Adopting inventory management software helps organizations to simplify operations of the supply chain and maintain the inventory and stock effectively. The growing need for managing the flow of data and products between supply and demand is further strengthening the hold of the inventory management software market on emerging commercial sectors.

Improved Product Tracking with the new Inventory Management Software by ProjX360

The company has been integrating expert knowledge and technological advancements to provide client-centric solutions for the management needs of their customers. With their recent announcement of introducing their new inventory management software at the CEDIA Expo 2018, the company is paving new ways into the field of technology.  According to the company, their inventory management software is a complete and full-fledged solution for all the product tracking needs of merchants and warehouse owners. Equipped with bar-code scanning system, product tracking by project, virtual warehouse, serial number tracking for products, and others, the inventory management software would help eradicate the loopholes present in conventional product tracking. The efficient inventory management software system by ProjX360 enables merchants to track the products and goods throughout their lifecycle, from the ordering of the product to its assembly on racks until its timely delivery to client homes.

Inventory Management Software to Deliver Effective Supply Chain Visibility

Owing to the challenges linked with their outdated inventory management software, Carter’s, a renowned brand of young children’s apparel in North America turned towards the promising inventory management software offered by Anaplan, a cloud-based platforms provider. By a collaboration with Anaplan, Carter’s implemented the solution which delivered accurate and flexible inventory management of Carter’s and assisted in improved supply chain decision making. The inventory management software simplifies and fastens the procedure of gathering and processing data which initially took a week with the use of an outdated database model. Being a large apparel brand, Carter’s witnessed a growing challenge of servicing multichannel distribution of branded products across geographies and customer types, which was putting a severe strain on the previous inventory management software. Addressing these challenges the cloud-based platform provided by Anaplan proved to be an agile and robust solution.

These innovative and advanced solutions are greatly used in various application end uses. With the increasing application of the inventory management software, the inventory management software market is expected to grow rapidly.

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