Emerging Trends of Vinyl Flooring Create a Competitive Landscape in the Global Market

With high demand for resilient flooring both for residential and commercial use coupled with the advancement in technology, vinyl flooring has gained wide popularity in the recent years. It is an engineered product made up of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Vinyl flooring is not only preferred for its strength but also for its amazing themes and attractive designs. There are three main forms of vinyl flooring such as planks, sheets, and tiles. Vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture and works perfectly in all weather conditions. Due to excellent inner core, vinyl flooring insulates against extreme heat and cold. Two important types of vinyl flooring include printed and inlaid which are installed in the form of tiles or sheets.

Emerging Trends of Vinyl Flooring

Over the years, flooring with synthetic materials such as vinyl has become very popular as they act as an efficient alterative to natural floors such as concrete, wood, ceramic, and marble. As it is easy to maintain and comfortable to walk on, vinyl flooring is used in many offices, malls, and buildings. Today, even conventional vinyl flooring is replaced by high end resilient flooring made up of 100% pure virgin vinyl pulp. This has led to the emergence of newer trends in vinyl flooring market.

Waterproof vinyl (WPC) planks are becoming popular these days for their look, versatility, and 100% waterproof in nature. They are extensively used in hotels and modern rooms including kitchens and bathrooms. WPC vinyl is followed by both luxury vinyl planks and tiles which are strong, durable, and provides an alluring classic appearance. Luxury vinyl flooring is resistant to dents and scratches due to presence of a protective layer, remains shiny for a long time, and requires low maintenance. Luxury vinyl tiles offer natural stone appearances and is cost effective. In the vinyl flooring industry, tiles are gaining more popularity than the planks.

For installing in tough and uneven areas, rigid core vinyl has become an ideal choice. Rigid core vinyl flooring helps even out any glitch on the subfloor. Its features are almost similar waterproof vinyl with well-built core and mostly preferred for its high effectiveness. With the rising trends, manufacturers are continuously focusing on improving the quality of the vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors not only prevent accumulation of dirt and stains but also provide sound resistance and anti-allergic properties. The vinyl flooring market is expected to produce newer and better trends even in the coming years.

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