Benefits of Disposable Laparoscopic Instruments: The New Trend in Healthcare

Laparoscopy is a type of surgery or surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the internal organs of the body. It requires only small incisions or minimal invasion for carrying out surgeries related to the liver, pancreas, colon, and bile duct. Laparoscopic surgery uses a video camera and specific thin instruments for the procedures. In the medical industry, there has been a significant rise in adopting disposable. The traditional reusable laparoscopic instruments have movable as well as sophisticated parts that are difficult to clean and hence are gradually replaced by disposable instruments. Some common disposable laparoscopic instruments include trocars, laparoscopic scissors, laparoscopic hooks, grasping forceps and dissectors, laparoscopic suction or irrigation device and others.

Benefits of Using Disposable Laparoscopic Instruments

Disposable laparoscopic instruments are sterilized and individually packed, intended for temporary or one-time use to avoid high risk of cross contamination, surgical site infections, and healthcare associated infections. Primary benefits of disposable laparoscopic instruments include infection control and cannot transmit infectious agents to the specific patients. Disposable laparoscopic instruments or other medical instruments do not need the lengthy process of decontamination or sterilization and saves both time and money for the healthcare centers.

In many reusable laparoscopic instruments, cleanliness is not traceable, they are once used, disinfected, and stored until next application. However, disposable laparoscopic instruments ensures full traceability that prevents issues and inconsistencies. Since disposable laparoscopic instruments are used only once on the subsequent patient complication in surgery recovery has been reduced and do not create any further health issues.

Another benefit of disposable laparoscopic instruments is its cost allocation. They help in accurate calculation of cost of each surgery. Many think that disposable instruments are expensive but reusable ones end up costing a lot more to the patient as they require a multiple procedures and become difficult to account for total cost of the procedures. Additionally, most of the disposable laparoscopic instruments are made of plastic material and hence are relatively inexpensive.

Although there are enormous benefits of disposable laparoscopic instruments, biomedical waste still remains a big threat to the environment. All the medical devices and instruments once contaminated with human blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions, they become hazardous to the environment and termed as biomedical waste. Therefore, many manufacturers of disposable laparoscopic instruments and other medical devices are considering recycling options in their products to enhance their use in addition to time saving method and prevention of cross contamination

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