Bulk Bags: Improving Processes in Industry Packaging Efficiency

Key players in the global bulk bags market are Berry Global Group, Inc., Conitex Sonoco, Greif Inc., AmeriGlobe L.L.C, Halsted Corporation, BAG Corp, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), Emmbi Industries Ltd, Sackmakers J&HM Dickson Ltd, LC Packaging International BV, Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bulk Lift International, Langston Companies Inc., RDA Bulk Packaging Ltd, Mini Bulk Bags, Taihua Group, Yixing Wellknit Container-bag Co. Ltd., Jumbo Bag Ltd., Bang Polypack and Yantai Haiwan Plastic Products Co. Ltd. Expanding at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period, the bulk bags market is projected to be worth US$ 4,068.9 Mn by the end of 2018.

Exponential growth in the use of bulk bags has spawned the entire bulk bags market. The bulk bags are mainly used in industrial material handling or transportation as the surroundings contain explosive material, which may explode due to electrostatic discharge. With growing safety awareness, government regulations are driving the bulk bags market. It is significant to protect products, but businesses must also be aware of the impact of packaging on the environment and costs. The bulk bags are gradually more popular and practical choice for several reasons:

Reduce Packaging Costs

If multiple sacks are used for storing large loads it can end up costing about 30% more than using single bulk bags. For instance, to bag a 1,000kg load, instead of using forty 25kg sacks costing $12, it is better to use just one 1,000kg bag for $7.50. Unlike many sacks, bulk bags can also be recycled and reused that means there is no need to regularly repurchase packaging. This also eliminates the need for pallets and saves money for further packaging.

Improved Work Efficiency

Handling and filling multiple sacks is indeed a time consuming task, and it is also unnecessary when more effective solutions are available in the market. It is therefore necessary for companies to switch to bulk bags to save time and money. Besides, instead of investing more time on filling sacks the time it can be better utilized for other tasks.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Industries dealing with potentially hazardous substances have need of packaging that meet the terms with stringent UN standards. The specialists in bulk packaging can provide bulk bags that are UN certified and are also specially designed for transportation of hazardous goods, down to the tiniest specification such as materials when in contact with water emit flammable gases.

Minimize Waste

A common issue that many companies face during transportation of goods is ‘waste’. Bulk bags are specifically designed to carry heavy loads, hence they have more durability and are stronger than sacks, and are also better for reducing spillage or breakage while transporting materials. Moreover, bulk bags can replace the want for pallets that tend to get damaged.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Generally, large sacks are not aimed for multiple use and bulk bags can be reused.  The usage of bulk bags depends on the number of times it is handled and filled, as well as the substances of the load. Given the importance of minimizing waste, a shift from sacks to bulk bags makes more sense.

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