The Benefits Air Suspension Systems Provide to Drivers

Air suspension systems were first introduced to the world in early 20th century. Since then a number of technological improvements have managed to widespread adoption of this systems technology. Air suspension systems is a type of system, which supports the automotive vehicle on the axles with the help of air springs or air bags as an alternative for conventional leaf springs or steel springs. Furthermore, the ability to transport heavy loads is increased with air suspension systems by levelling the suspension. In addition, they also reduce vibration and noise. Over recent years, air suspension systems have advanced into the commercial world. Besides from trucks and trailers, other way of transport vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles are using these suspension systems.

The worldwide market for Air Suspension Systems was projected to be valued at US$ 4,370.5 Mn at the end of 2017 and is likely to expand at a CAGR of 7.0% over the assessment period. The growth of air suspension systems market is projected to be mainly driven by globalization in near future. Air suspension systems are mainly sold by OEMs by incorporating the system in the vehicle. On the basis of vehicle type, the worldwide air suspension systems market can be divided into three segments: heavy trucks, trailers and buses & coaches. Intercontinental trade between North American, Asian and European countries will reinforce the replacement and sales of both light and heavy trucks.

The Benefits

Air suspension systems offer various significant benefits that are useful to drivers. The prime benefit is Ride Quality: While the old-style steel spring suspension can cause a harsher ride, automotive vehicles with air suspension offer a glide over bump. Also, as air suspension systems are often adjustable, the drivers can choose a comfortable ride if they’re on a rough road or a harsh ride for improving handling. Another huge benefit air suspension systems provide to trucks and cars is improved towing abilities as drivers can maintain balance when towing to account for heavier loads.

Some advantages air suspension systems provide are listed below

  • It escalates driving comfort.
  • It has improved drivability.
  • It offers a safer feeling to driver.
  • It robotically adjusts the ride height depending on the speed of vehicle.
  • It decreases wind resistance effectively.
  • It lessens fuel consumption.
  • Vehicles often said to glide over bumps.
  • It escalates firmness and better towing capabilities.
  • It provides a smooth ride quality.
  • Drivers have an option to choose a calm ride if they’re on a uneven road or a harsh ride for better handling.
  • It is specially designed to minimize vibration and to moderate shock.
  • It offers better road handling and stability of the truck and trailer.
  • It filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.
  • It has a better facility for easily loading and unloading the automotive vehicle.

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