Behavioral Healthcare: Journey to fight both, mental disorders and stigma

Rising behavioral health issues to manifest growth opportunities for Behavioral Health Market

Compared to the earlier era, there is a considerable rise seen in the mental and behavioral health issues, due to the critical and time-bound lifestyles of individuals today. Issues such as stress, depression, trauma and grief, learning disability, and other psychological disorders are witnessed by a big lot of the current generation. In addition to this, mental and behavioral health issues often carried a stigma attached to them, where even common disorders such as stress were looked down upon. Behavioral health concerns, therefore, need to be catered with a more personal and sensitive approach.

However, the way people deal with these problems is changing rapidly. Increasing awareness amongst individuals regarding these health issues and the social acceptance it has been receiving lately is creating a favorable environment for the behavioral health services market to grow. Enhancements in healthcare and therapy and new and improved procedure such as online therapies and counseling programs for psychological treatments are amongst the major factors driving the growth of the behavioral health market.

A recent research conducted by Future Market Insights (FMI) highlights the emergence of this market over time. Their extensive study regarding the global behavioral health market, throw light upon various factors like market segments, regions and top market players, ultimately achieving an insightful report. The global behavioral health market is expected to grow at the rate of 3.4% CAGR over the forecast period of 2018-2028, with an anticipation for its revenue to reach US$ 156.3 Billion by the end of 2028. These statistics highlight the endless scope that this market possesses.

Silver Cloud Health to redefine Behavioral health treatments

Recognized as a digital health company, Silver Cloud Health has been offering various mental health solutions and evident-based programs across England for behavioral health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. After being continuously involved in mental health care offerings, they have recently announced to provide health care programs for behavioral issues and disorders while working along with Powys Teaching Health Board, with more specific ones designed for youngsters. With this strategic partnership, they aim to offer a more personalized support in dealing with mental health to go a few steps closer in eradicating the possibilities of growth in the rampant behavioral health problems. With this innovative project of online therapies, individuals suffering from mental health issues can access treatments and counseling guidance more quickly and easily. Such a systematic program will ensure faster support and early counseling resulting in better treatment.

Suicide Prevention services heading towards expansion

With an aim to change how the suicide problem is addressed, in South Indiana, the LifeSpring Health Systems team created a plan for three months to achieve the ‘zero suicides’ goal. When behavioral health patients are discharged from hospitals or healthcare centers, they are transferred to LifeSpring if they do not have other health care providers. They are looking forward to partner with schools, police, and gun ranges staff and planning to conduct workforce surveys to analyze the awareness and openness of individuals regarding suicide.

Such initiatives are the need of the hour to enforce better behavioral health care and fuel the thriving behavioral health market furthermore.

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