Strategic Developments & Agreements to Benefit Demand & Supply of Genital Herpes Treatment

Key companies and manufacturers are working towards developing cost-effective treatment techniques that has been offering incremental opportunities to the market for genital herpes treatment across the globe. Apart from this, rapid increase in government expenditure on the healthcare industry is expected to positively impact the growth of market for genital herpes treatment in the coming years. Rising focus towards prevention of the infectious diseases will probably drive the growth of herpes drugs market and moreover, third-party payers and local governments.

Report on market for genital herpes treatment was studied by the analysts of a research firm. The all-inclusive study helped analysts in revealing valuable information regarding the worldwide market for genital herpes treatment. Analysts have viewed that market for genital herpes treatment is expected to develop at an approximately 4.4% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027. In addition, the market for genital herpes treatment will be surpassing an evaluation of nearly US$ 2,400Mn by 2027-end.

Key companies operating in the market for genital herpes treatment are inclusive of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc, Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., Novartis AG, Pfizer Inc., Abbott Laboratories, and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, ltd. and Mylan N.V. Other existing and emerging players in the market for genital herpes treatment have been focusing on untapped regions and are taking heavy efforts for introducing advanced and effective genital herpes treatment across the globe. Developing new genital herpes treatment is likely to contribute towards business expansion as well as increasing customer-base.

Novartis AG & Ildong Pharmaceuticals Enter Into a Strategic Agreement

Key companies and manufacturers can take into account the point that Ildong Pharmaceuticals and Novartis have entered into a strategic agreement for expanding the production sales of Famvir, which is a shingles treatment. Customers can note that Famvir is a medication that is extremely beneficial for treating shingles infection as well as genital herpes zoster infections. In addition, this drug also prevents genital herpes from returning all over again.

Apart from all this, Novartis AG has been planning for transferring its domestic license with regards to Famvir to the Ildong Pharmaceuticals. Novartis AG is also planning to transfer its technology to the Ildong Pharmaceuticals in order to mark a way for Ildong Pharmaceuticals to produce and sale the medication by itself. Ildong Pharmaceuticals is planning to expand it product portfolio of urine and skin related products along with the unveiling of Famvir, which in turn would be benefitting in accelerating the company’s market position as well as is likely to help in increasing customer-base.

Vical Plans to Put an End to its Herpes Simplex Virus Research

Key companies and manufacturers can take into account the point that Vical is planning to end up its herpes simplex virus research. This step is being taken up by Vical due to the unsuccessful experiment of therapeutic herpes vaccine, in decreasing the outbreak in people that were infested with herpes simplex virus-2. The focal point here is that this is the second vaccine that has been failing on humans, whereas indicate strong potential in the infection affected to animal models. However, the Penn vaccine has been developed not for treatment but prevention of genital herpes.

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