Expansion of Product Portfolios to Drive Demand & Supply of Varactor Diode

Rapid increase in adoption of the 5G Technologies is likely to contribute towards increasing use of smartphones across the globe. Key companies and manufacturers are taking immense efforts in expanding their product portfolios, in a way that it can be adopted by various applications. Surging demand for the consumer electronics across the globe has been positively impacting the growth of varactor diode market.

Report on varactor diode market was studied by the analysts of a research firm. The all-inclusive study helped analysts in revealing valuable information regarding the worldwide varactor diode market. Analysts have viewed that varactor diode market is expected to develop at an approximately 10.3% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027. In addition, the varactor diode market will be reaching an evaluation of nearly US$ 1,300Mn by the end of 2027.

Key companies operating in the varactor diode market are inclusive of Micro Semi Corporation, Analog Devices Inc., MACOM, Integrated Device Technology Inc., ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies and Vishay Intertechnology. Other existing and emerging players in the varactor diode market have been focusing on untapped regions and are taking heavy efforts for introducing advanced and effective varactor diode across the globe. Developing new varactor diode is likely to contribute towards business expansion as well as increasing customer-base.

Micro Semi Corporation Expands its Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Product Portfolio

Key companies as well as manufacturers can take into account the point that Micro Semi Corporation has taken considerable efforts for expanding its MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) chip and wideband plastic packaged product portfolio. The new addition helps in high performance wideband monolithic microwave integrated circuits as well as four plastic packaged LNAs (low noise amplifiers), MMA044PP3, MMA043PP4, MMA041PP5, and MMA040PP5, a wideband PA (power amplifier) chip, MMA053AA. In addition, two plastic packaged switch, namely MMS008PP3 and MMS006PP3.

Insights on the New Product Portfolio of Micro Semi Corporation

The new product portfolio is expected to be extremely beneficial for the front-end signal series applications that are into industrial, defense and aerospace markets. The wideband PA (power amplifier) chip will benefit in maintaining flat gains of the high OIP3 and 17 dB of 35 dBm, extending from DC towards 8 GHz, which also exceeds performance of the competitive parts. Micro Semi Corporation has been taking immense efforts in providing superior costing, which in turn helps the customers in leveraging leading performance capabilities of all the devices, in order to cater to the growing demanding system as well as segment line-up necessities along with the least DC power consumption.

Micro Semi Corporation plans to further expand its product portfolio that spans DC towards the 65 GHz frequency radius as well as targets wide-ranging applications. These applications are inclusive of microwave communications, measurement instrumentation, test, radar and EW. The new product portfolio has been developed considering high performance broadband monolithic microwave integrated circuit amplifiers, phase frequency detectors, prescalers, and control products. This major step has been taken by the company in order to ensure customers access to highly complex and specific monolithic microwave integrated circuit requirements.

A sample of this report is available upon request @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-6127

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