Breakthrough of Innovative Technologies Serving Clinicians to Drive Production Sales of Ultrasound Systems

Digitization across the healthcare sector have been positively impacting revenue growth of the ultrasound systems market across the globe. Apart from this, rapid increase in demand for the medical examination has been benefitting the global market on a broader basis. Favorable government policies have been supporting the overall growth of independent diagnostic centers and start-up companies, thereby impacting growth of ultrasound systems market in the near future.

Report on the ultrasound systems market had been comprehensively studied by analysts belonging to a well-known market research company. The comprehensive study supported analysts in unveiling lucrative information with regards to ultrasound systems market on a global basis. Analysts found out that ultrasound systems market is projected to grow at 5.7% CAGR throughout the forecast period, 2018-2028. Moreover, ultrasound systems market is estimated to touch more than US$ 12,500Mn by 2028-end.

Leading players working in the ultrasound systems market include Philips Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Corporation, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Analogic Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, and Samsung Medison Co. Ltd., General Electric and Mindray Medical International Limited. The emerging players are taking immense efforts in initiating innovative as well as advanced developments, which would be extremely beneficial for the expansion of ultrasound systems market. Production and introduction of new ultrasound systems are likely to benefit leading players and manufacturers with expansion of business and customer-base.

Philips Healthcare Launches New Tele-Ultrasound Solution

Leading players and manufacturers can note that Philips Healthcare has launched an advanced as well as new tele-ultrasound solution for the purpose of offering real-time connection amongst the clinicians across the globe. This system will be made effective with the two-ways audio-visual call along with the live ultrasound streaming. The integrated and compatible tool has been developed on the Lumify portable ultrasound systems of Philips Healthcare. In addition, this new development has been supported by the Reacts collaborative platform of IIT (Innovative Imaging Technologies) that is Canada based.

Another notable factor is that Reacts platform consists of interactive tools that includes augmented reality, which has been designed for catering to the existing as well as emerging concerns of diverse patients and healthcare professionals. Besides virtual guidance, the new tele-ultrasound solution can be utilized for teaching institutions, residents and medical students, hospitals and disaster relief providers as well as emergency medical facility providers with the satellite clinics.

Insights on New Tele-Ultrasound Solution

Leading players and manufacturers can note that this innovation in the ultrasound with point-of-care feature can bring endless possibilities for the customer-base, both outside and inside hospital walls. The point to note here is that the easy-to-use and intuitive integrated system is highly beneficial for the clinicians in initiating Reacts session along with head-on conversation on the company’s Lumify ultrasound system.

The most important for leading players and manufacturers to note is that by integrating exceptional reliability and mobility, Lumify of Philips Healthcare together with Reacts is likely to create new ways for clinicians with regards to training, education and collaboration. Apart from this, the new tele-ultrasound solution will be enhancing care delivery, thereby benefitting clinicians on a larger basis and eliminating longstanding barriers during training, education and support.

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