Strategic Acquisitions & Expansions to Significantly Benefit Bioprocessing Analytics Equipment Market

Rapid advancements in technology has simultaneously increased demand for incorporation of multiple functionality features, which have been creating incremental opportunities for manufacturers. Increasing initiatives from the regulatory bodies are expected to positively impact the production sales of bioprocessing analytics equipment in the near future. Most of all, key companies are taking immense efforts in improving outputs, thereby focusing on the AQbD (analytical quality-by-design) methods.

Report on bioprocessing analytics equipment market was studied thoroughly by the analysts of a research company. They revealed that bioprocessing analytics equipment market is likely to grow at 4.5% CAGR over the assessment period, 2018-2028. In addition, bioprocessing analytics equipment market will be reaching an estimation of approximately US$ 633.6Mn by the end of 2028.

Key companies working in the bioprocessing analytics equipment market across the globe are inclusive of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., SYSBIOTECH SARL, Advanced Instruments Inc., ELITechGroup, Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., Gonotec GmbH and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Roche Diagnostics). Key companies and manufacturers are expected to increase their focus towards developing and launching innovative and new products. This in turn will help them in successfully fulfilling their upcoming and prevailing business expansion plans as well as increasing customer-base worldwide in the near future.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Along With Finesse Solutions, Inc., Improves Its Entire Workflow

Key companies and manufacturers can note that the acquisition of Finesse Solutions, Inc., by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has benefitted the acquiring company on a larger basis. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has taken immense efforts in levelling up its global position in the bioprocessing analytics equipment market, thereby offering products spanning complete workflow. The company has also been providing process automation as well as software for integrating advanced technologies.

Heavy investments can be made in Finesse Solutions, Inc., as their automation solutions help in integrating better solutions, thereby catering to the growing demands of the customer-base. The automation process provided by Finesse Solutions, Inc., spans downstream and upstream processing as well as from the lab towards production scale. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. together with Finesse Solutions, Inc., are planning to develop more standard products. Bioprocessing manufacturers can benefit with improvement in performance and productivity, thereby maintaining supply chain and quality, from discovery till the production.

Fujifilm Acquires IS Japan & Irvine Scientific Sales Company

Key companies and manufacturers can note that Fujifilm has recently acquired IS Japan and Irvine Scientific Sales Company for expanding the product portfolio with regards to biopharmaceuticals. It is inclusive of cell therapy and in-vitro fertilization as well. For developing extremely viable cell culture media, Fujifilm will be applying design capabilities and chemical synthesis cultivated within photographic film business as well as cell preparation and the culturing technologies of tissue engineering firms.

Apart from all this, this acquisition has helped Fujifilm with maximization in its synergies in other areas, which is inclusive of manufacturing business and contact development expansion with regards to biopharmaceuticals, expanding its reagent business as well as accelerated R&D in regenerative medicine’s area.

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