Innovative Expansion of Product Portfolios to Boost Production Sales of Fire Extinguisher

Rapid increase in stringent government regulations with regards to mandatory installation of the fire extinguishers across several public, residential, industrial and commercial areas are likely to drive the production sales of fire extinguishers in the near future. Apart from this, growing urbanization across several countries is anticipated to boost infrastructure and housing developments, which in turn will increase the demand and supply of fire extinguishers. Fire insurance agencies are expected to play a significant role in the rapidly increasing demand of fire extinguishers across the globe since the recent past.

A research company recently carried out an all-inclusive study on the report, fire extinguisher market. The analysts of the research company revealed some facts and figures relating the market across the globe on fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% during the assessment period, 2017-2027, touching an estimate of approximately US$ 2,903.1Mn by 2017-end.

Leading players effective in the fire extinguisher market are inclusive of United Technologies Corporation, Hochiki Corporation, Yamato Protec Corporation, Siex 2001 S.L., Johnson Controls International Plc, Feuerschutz Jockel Gmbh & Co. Kg and Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd.. Leading players and manufacturers are increasing their concentration on developing and initiating new products, which would help in meeting their emerging and existing business plans and expansion of customer-base across the globe as well.

United Technologies Corporation Recalls Millions of Its Fire Extinguishers

Leading players and manufacturers can note that United Technologies Corporation recently witnessed its Kidde unit recalling over 40Mn fire extinguishers, especially in the US. The main reason behind the recall is that the fire extinguishers had been clogging as well as needed excessive force for the purpose of discharging. These drawbacks are likely to fail in activation in times of emergency.

Hochiki Corporation Introduces Expansion of FirePro Xtinguish Product Portfolio

Leading players and manufacturers can note that Hochiki Corporation recently expanded its FirePro Xtinguish product portfolio. The expansion is inclusive of addition of special feature enhancements, new generator size as well as various new variants for every aerosol fire suppression demands.

Insights on the New FirePro Xtinguish Product Portfolio

The new generator of 4,200 gram, namely FNX-4200TS and FNX-4200T hold coverage of maximum 1,358 ft3 that helps in positioning appropriately between 5,700 and 3,000gram units. The product holds nearly 16.4ft steam length as well as is operated by the thermal and electrical activation. The FNX-4200 is regarded as a lucrative addition to the Xtinguish product portfolio. This offers Hochiki Corporation in ensuring better designs for all kind of enclosures. Other product enhancements are all-inclusive of increasing stream length of FNX-5700 to 27.5 ft. The notable idea is that this expansion of stream length will benefit the high-ceiling applications on a larger basis.

Hochiki Corporation has been taking immense efforts in offering long-life as well as effective fire suppression solutions, benefitting every application at comparatively affordable costs. Besides, product expansion includes launch of “-T” type generators that is beneficial for thermal or electrical activation purposes.

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