Development of Innovative Features to Drive Production Sales of Clinical Alarm Management

Leading players and manufacturers in the market for clinical alarm management are taking immense efforts in streamlining their product portfolio. This will be done by incorporating their solutions with the local market players by means of strategic partnership. Making heavy investments in the mobility solutions can be highly beneficial for business expansion and increasing customer-base.

A research company recently carried out an all-inclusive study on the report, market for clinical alarm management. The analysts of the research company revealed some facts and figures relating the market across the globe on clinical alarm management. Market for clinical alarm management is likely to grow at a CAGR of 9% during the assessment period, 2017-2027, in order to touch an estimate of approximately US$ 4Bn by 2027-end.

Leading players effective in the market for clinical alarm management are inclusive of Baxter, Spok Inc., Mindray Medical International Limited, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Drager, Connexall and GE Healthcare. Leading players and manufacturers are increasing their concentration on developing and initiating new products, which would help in meeting their emerging and existing business plans and expansion of customer-base across the globe as well.

Spectrum IQ Infusion System of Baxter Receives FDA Clearance

Leading players and manufacturers can note that Baxter recently received FDA clearance for its Spectrum IQ Infusion System along with the Dose IQ Safety Software. Spectrum IQ Infusion System has been designed with the incorporation of bi-directional EMR (electronic medical records). This system has been developed upon the prevailing Spectrum infusion pump technology of Baxter.

Insights on Spectrum IQ Infusion System

Spectrum IQ Infusion System helps the clinicians in transferring the medication of a patient directly from EMR to pump. The holistic benefit is that this automatically sets the pump, thereby improving standardization as well as guarding against the typing errors. The features integrated in Spectrum IQ Infusion System holds a new set of standard for the medication administration that helps in enhancing both clinician efficiency as well as patient safety.

Apart from all this, delivery of the infusions are being made safer by incorporating First Databank into Dose IQ Safety Software. This incorporation will benefit in time-saving, thereby offering valuable knowledge base regarding the infusion parameters for Spectrum IQ Infusion System, which is inclusive of dose limits, durations as well as concentrations. The notable idea here is that the unique features that are integrated help in promoting highest levels of the drug library agreement across the industry.

Integration of evidence-based practices in clinical workflow enables in facilitating improved patient safety, effective deployment and operation of Spectrum IQ pump and advanced drug library creation has been highly beneficial for protecting more infusions. Most of all, Spectrum IQ Infusion System helps in improving hospital efficiency, which is inclusive of DeviceUve Asset Tracking Application.

Besides, Spectrum IQ Infusion Dashboard along with the Charge Capture will highly benefit in optimizing outpatient IV billing, thereby automating collection of the stop, start as well as duration times. This technology also helps in achieving considerable amount of cost savings in the IV tubing set and considerable reduction in the usage of IV tubing. Most importantly, Spectrum IQ Infusion System enables in reducing excessive alerts and alarms that are sent to the nursing staff, thereby transferring alarm messages straightaway from pump towards secondary Alarms Management System, which is inclusive of work stations or smartphones.

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