Strategic Promotional Activities to Drive Production Sales of Fishmeal

Rapid increase in demand for the naturally sourced protein additives into animal feeds, burgeoning aquaculture industry, surging number of product innovations as well as heavy funding for the purpose of research and development in the feed industry are some of the major factors contributing towards revenue growth of fishmeal market across the globe. Apart from this, introduction of promotional campaigns, expanding promotion facilities, wide-ranging salmon aquaculture farming and most of all, increasing demand for meat are some other factors driving the production sales of fishmeal.

A research company has been keenly working on a report analysis based on fishmeal market, which now enables the analysts to disclose approximate facts and figures regarding the global market. Report analysis concludes that fishmeal market will be developing at 5.2% CAGR over the forecast period, 2017-2027. In addition, fishmeal market is expected to reach an evaluation of over US$ 10Bn by 2027-end.

Key companies operating in the fishmeal market across the globe include Calysta, Inc., TASA, Oceana Group Limited S.A., Pesquera Hayduk S.A., Sarma Fish S.A.R.L, Animalfeeds International Corporation and The Scoular Company. Manufacturers and key companies are planning to increase their focus on innovating and launching novel products, which would help them in meeting their business development plans, thereby expanding customer-base worldwide.

Calysta, Inc., Enters into Partnership with Nofima

Manufacturers and key companies can note that Calysta, Inc., has entered into a strategic partnership with Nofima for the purpose of running large-scale trials within Atlantic salmon, by utilizing FeedKind® protein of Calysta, Inc. This step has been taken for improving fish health and feed effectiveness. FeedKind® protein helps in improving the important nutritional metrics for the commercial aquaculture. The notable factor here is that feed efficiency has been increased and the maintenance of healthy immune system and digestive tract is taken care of.

The new development has been highly beneficial for the global industry as it receives the first accessible alternative protein, eliminating the need for agricultural land or wild caught fish, which in turn contributes towards global food security.

Insights on FeedKind® protein

FeedKind® protein is regarded as a cost-efficient and sustainable feed ingredient benefitting most important farmed seafood species. The focal point here is that the aquaculture industry has been planning to develop various solutions, in order to reduce the costs related to environmental impact and biological challenges. Therefore, partnership with Nofima will help Calysta, Inc., in catering to the global market demands.

TASA Adopts Valuable Strategies to Boost Profitability

Manufacturers and key companies can note that TASA (Tecnologica de Alimentos Somos) has been planning to undertake major changes as a part of strategic planning process for the purpose of boosting profitability, thereby expanding its global business. The changes will be inclusive of staffing cuts and overall management reshuffle. The leading company is taking up immense efforts to turn its operations into more advanced and efficient. Most of all, Tecnologica de Alimentos Somos is planning to consider cutting lower profitable divisions, which are fishing units for the human consumption.

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