Innovative Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution Will Stimulate Demand & Supply of Chitin

According to the current scenario, healthcare industry is likely to contribute towards maximum revenue share in the chitin market across the globe. Apart from this, rapid increase in the usage of chitin across agrochemical industries, growing awareness related to the advantages of utilizing chitin based products as well as significant rise in the demand and supply for glucosamine and chitosan are some other major factors that are playing a major role in the growth of chitin market across the globe. In addition, increasing usage of chitosan across the beverage industry is likely to create lucrative growth avenues for the chitin market in the near future.

A research firm has taken up a comprehensive analysis on the report named chitin market, thereby disclosing valuable figures and facts related to the global market. Report indicates that chitin market is anticipated to develop at 12.7% CAGR during 2017-2027, in order to touch an estimation of nearly US$ 2,900Mn by the end of 2027.

Most important players operating in the chitin market are inclusive of Mahtani Chitosan Pvt. Ltd., DALIAN XINDIE CHITIN CO., LTD, Meron Biopolymers, Panvo Organics Pvt Ltd., Bayir Extracts Pvt. Ltd., SHANDONG LAIZHOU HIGHLY BIO-PRODUCTS CO.LTD., and Advanced Biopolymers AS. Manufacturers and the most important players have been concentrating on innovating and introducing new products that would cater to their business expansion plans as well as increasing customer-base worldwide.

Mari Signum Taking Measures on Plastics Problem

According to the current scenario, Mari Signum has been taking immense efforts with regards to advancing in material science, which in turn would benefit in sorting out plastics problem across the world. Chitin has been observed to drive technological interest since the past decade across the globe. Since the recent past, chitosan has been made available across retail stores for the purpose of weight-loss measures. Manufacturers and several important players have been working towards developing new materials that contains half chitin and half cellulose that would help in eliminating tons of the plastics that are based on petroleum.

Mari Signum Patenting Its Chitin Extraction Process

Technological revolution has been playing a significant role in the chitin market across the globe. Mari Signum has been part of a Sustainable Sea Products International in Texas, which has been patenting its chitin extraction process, thereby utilizing an ionized liquid, which is far less dangerous compared to acids utilized elsewhere. Mari Signum is expected to increase its focus towards developing products that are sustainable and renewable. The company’s Bellwood facility has been undergoing development of evaporators, microwave ovens, shell bins as well as various other equipment.

Manufacturers and the most important players have been witnessing high-time issues with regards to scale. According to recent analysis by a well-known research company, nearly 30,000 tons of production with regards to industrial-grade chitin has been taking place every year. Another focal point here is that each year landfills have been flooded with million tons of lobster shell, crab and shrimp waste. Chitin revolution is likely to bring about technological advances in the near future.

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