Strategic Developments to Expand Networks Will Boost Production Sales of Solar Pumps

Rapidly growing awareness especially in the agricultural sector has been significantly driving the production sales of solar pumps across the globe during the forecast period. Development of affordable products along with favorable government schemes especially for the farmers have been playing a significant role in higher adoption rate of solar pumps across the globe since the recent past. In the developing countries such as India, governments have been taking immense efforts to develop strategies with regards to renewable energy projects.

A comprehensive analysis was carried out on solar pumps market by a research firm, after which the related analysts concluded onto some figures and facts on the same market report. Analysts so far are of the point of view that solar pumps market is anticipated to grow at an 11.7% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027. In addition, the solar pumps market is anticipated to touch a valuation of approximately US$ 2,000.0Mn by the end of 2017.

Leading companies functioning in the solar pumps market are inclusive of Grundfos, Solar Power & Pump Company, Yozeal New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Claro Energy Private Limited, Shakti Pumps India Limited, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. and PM PumpMakers GmbH. Manufacturers and the leading companies have been investing all of their focus on implementing strategies that can help them in elevating their position in the global market, thereby expanding their product portfolio. Innovation and launch of new products will be highly beneficial for end-users as well.

Grundfos India Plans to Expand Its Network

According to the recent scenario, Grundfos India has been planning to expand its network for the purpose of multiplying its revenue within a time span of 4years, thereby betting on solar pump of ‘Made in India’ for the benefit of rural areas as well as intelligent pumping solutions for the building, water-intensive industries and civic bodies.

Manufacturers and the leading companies can take note of the point that besides locally developing solar pumps, Grundfos has been utilizing energy effective as well as IT-enabled offerings with the help of the product portfolio of its Danish parent. This move is mainly being made by the Grundfos as the Indian market holds differentiators, which have been dominated by less priced products, time and again to suspect effectiveness as well as quality.

New Insights on the Viewpoint of Grundfos

Grundfos is of the pint of view that the company’s Indian subsidiary has an IT wing, which now is mainly regarded as the ‘center of excellence’. This center is highly beneficial for the purpose of collaborating with regards to development of the electronic brain for the pumps as well as modules for the remote operations, which is inclusive of usage by means of home computers or mobile apps, through a platform that is based on internet of things.

The e-pumps are basically considered as a testimony to Grundfos, connecting to their expertise with regards to energy efficient solutions as well as sustainability. This major move of Grundfos will be highly lucrative for the solar pumps market across the globe.

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