Strategic Partnerships to Surge Demand for Mobile Phone Accessories

Rapid increase in migration of the rural inhabitants towards urban has led to boost in urban population across the globe, which in turn has been highly beneficial for production sales of mobile phone accessories. Apart from this, rapid increase in the usage of social networking together with the internet penetration across various regions at a significantly rapid pace has been driving the growth of market for mobile phone accessories across the globe.

A renowned research firm after a thoroughgoing analysis reached on to declare few facts and figures relating to market for mobile phone accessories. The report indicates that the market for mobile phone accessories is likely to grow at 6.9% CAGR during forecast period, 2015-2025, for reaching an assessment of nearly US$ 121,726.4Mn by 2025-end.

The leading companies are expected to observe a noteworthy growth in the near future across the globe, which would be beneficial for the overall growth of market for mobile phone accessories on a larger basis. Manufacturers with the profiled players are seen working keenly on strategic developments that is inclusive of expansion of the product portfolio, innovation as well as advancement of their existing and emerging products, which in due course will help in increasing the customer-base.

Carbon & Incase Enter into Strategic Partnership for Developing Mobile Device Protectors

The profiled companies as well as manufacturers can note the point that Carbon and Incase have entered into a strategic partnership for the purpose of developing mobile device protectors and to work towards research and development regarding the same. The focal point here is that the 3D printing technology of Carbon is likely to be utilized for mass producing the phone cases along with various other protective devices.

Apart from all this, the matter of concern is that this partnership will benefit Incase by giving them the access to 3D printers, count of around 20 Carbon M2. This is basically the company’s latest Carbon software and moreover, the company has the exclusive right to get into co-branding of its protective products with regards to mobiles, which are 3D printed. This 3D printing has been done by utilizing the DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology of Carbon.

Holistic Insights on Improvement of Mobile Device Protectors

Carbon has DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology, which is a 3D manufacturing process and this partnership enables Incase to utilize this manufacturing process, thereby discovering what it calls as the first ever 3D manufacturing process to enter in the industry, which will be considered as protective mobile solutions. These solutions will be developed with the help of complex structures within novel elastomers at scale.

Incase has been highly benefitted with this partnership from design to expansion of its capabilities, adjusting and testing designs, thereby incorporating structures rapidly along with several options than that was earlier possible. Most of all, Incase has been experiencing on-demand inventory and mass-customization in a short time span, especially due to proprietary Speedcell system of Carbon. The profiled companies as well as manufacturers can plan of making heavy investments or entering into collaborations with Carbon Company as it would significantly help in expansion of business as well as customer-base.

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