Attaining FDA Approvals for Products to Expand Customer Base of Auto-Injectors Market

Manufacturers in the auto-injectors market are working towards user-centric design approaches for the purpose of enhancing the ease-of-usage as well as to overcome the unwillingness that is related with the self-administration of the intramuscular injections. Increasing demand from the biologics developers are expected to create incremental opportunities for the auto-injectors market across the globe.

A renowned research firm after a thoroughgoing analysis reached on to declare few facts and figures relating to auto-injectors market. The report indicates that the auto-injectors market is likely to grow at 15.1% CAGR during forecast period, 2016-2026, for reaching an assessment of US$ 7,000Mn by 2026-end. The profiled players that are operating in the auto-injectors market includes Eli Lilly and Company, Janssen Global Services, LLC, Mylan N.V., Becton, Dickinson and Company, Amgen Inc., Sanofi and Antares Pharma, Inc.

The profiled companies are expected to observe a noteworthy growth in the near future across the globe, which would be beneficial for the overall growth of auto-injectors market on a larger basis. Manufacturers with the profiled players are seen working keenly on strategic developments that is inclusive of expansion of the product portfolio, innovation as well as advancement of their existing and emerging products, which in due course will help in increasing the customer-base.

Novartis AG & Amgen Inc. Receive FDA Approval for their Migraine Prevention Drug

The profiled companies as well as manufacturers can note the point that Novartis AG and Amgen Inc. receive U.S. FDA approval for their migraine prevention drug meant for adults, namely Aimovig. Customers must on a larger basis take note of the point that this drug is considered as the first ever treatment that has been green-lighted by FDA for the purpose of prevention from migraines, thereby obstructing calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors. This receptor is expected to play a major role in the development of migraines.

Apart from all this, the main point to note is that Amgen Inc. will be highly benefitted with this auto-injector as it would help them with business expansion as well. The profiled companies as well as manufacturers in the auto-injectors market are taking immense efforts to increase the awareness with regards to auto-injectors across healthcare sector. Aimovig 70 is a SureClick auto-injector but the company also is working towards increasing the availability of Aimovig 140 due to surging demand from the customer-base for the same. Customers can take note of the point that current reimbursement environment will go hand in hand with the adoption of Aimovig.

Antares Pharma, Inc. Announced FDA Approval for Makena® Subcutaneous Auto-Injector

The profiled companies as well as manufacturers can note the point that Antares Pharma, Inc. recently had been mentioning that its parent company receives FDA approval for Makena® Subcutaneous auto-injector. The development of this product was with the help of QuickShot® device of Antares Pharma, Inc. This device helps in delivering rapid injection for the highly viscid drug products, through gauge nonvisible needle. Customers can note that this can be highly beneficial for the purpose of reducing risk of the preterm birth in the women that are pregnant with a single baby and had delivered a preterm baby earlier.

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