Smart Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanners to Provide Accurate Results

Ultrasound bladder scanners are being used to detect urinary retention in patients. It has been considered as a safe alternative to catheterisation to detect urinary retention. Offering comfort and satisfaction, hence, the demand for these scanners is also growing. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing portable ultrasound bladder scanners making it more convenient and easy to diagnose certain problems or diseases.

With the changing lifestyle, diseases such as bladder stones, kidney stones and urinary tract infection are also becoming common. Hence the use of portable ultrasound bladder scanner is also rising to help detect disease at an early stage and start the treatment as soon as possible. Moreover, increasing demand for painless and non-invasive procedures is also driving the growth of portable ultrasound bladder scanner.

According to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the portable ultrasound bladder scanner market in North America is anticipated to exceed $30 million between 2016 and 2026, in terms of incremental opportunity. It is also projected to register 6.4% CAGR during 2016-2026, exceeding $70 million by 2026 end. While the portable ultrasound bladder scanner market in Canada is anticipated to emerge as the second biggest market following North America. In terms of revenue, the market in Canada is projected to register 5.3% CAGR during 2016-2026.

In terms of the end user, hospitals will emerge as an attractive segment. It is also estimated to exceed 70% market value share by the end of 2026. Companies are also entering into mergers and acquisitions and partnerships to introduce better products, expand geographically and maximize revenue.

Smart portable ultrasound bladder scanner to provide better services

Portable, easy to use and lightweight ultrasound bladder scanners are gaining popularity. Hence, a healthcare technology company known as Clarius Mobile Health has introduced additional features for the company’s wireless handheld ultrasound scanner. The Clarius app 3.1 Eclipse is also available on Google Play and App Store. Clarius ultrasound scanner can conduct a quick scan and can guide short procedures.

There are two scanners, Clarius C3 multipurpose ultrasound scanner can be used to scan abdomen and lungs. While Clarius L7 can guide procedures, imaging superficial structures.

Smartphone ultrasound scanner is also being designed. These mobile devices are quick and easy to use and are also affordable. For instance, MobiUS SP1 system is a smartphone ultrasound system is light weight and can be carried easily in a pocket. It has also been ensured that it’s simple to operate. The images can be stored in 8GB capacity and can also be shared from MobiUS SP1 smartphone device through Wi-Fi or USB. More such affordable and portable ultrasound bladder scanners are being introduced to provide access to each and every individual.

In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also approved the first smartphone connected ultrasound device known as Uscan, developed by Signostics. Uscan also recognizes 3D visual of the bladder to get more accurate results, it even works in case of hard-to-scan patients. It offers industry leading accuracy, acquiring nearly 256 bladder slices, which is 32 times more than normal bladder scanner.

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